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1998 GMC Yukon owners review and rate their 1998 GMC Yukon.

1998 GMC Yukon (1 Review)
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I really like my Yukon, it has a lot of power, great body and makes me feel secure.

I just got my 1998 Yukon SLT (5.7L) last month, I had the dealership replace items prior to my purcahse. However I have had to take it back up there twice now to have those same items fixed again (not the Yukons fault). I have also had to replace/fix other things on it (injectors, oxygen sensors, pitman arm, idle arm and a couple small parts) in the few days I have been able to drive it. Ran great for a week, then multiple problems... Lol! Seems to be running good now.

I hope I will be able to bring it up to snuff quickley and enjoy my new ride. Got some custom seats covers that look great too.