1996 GMC Suburban 2500 Reviews and Owner Comments

1996 GMC Suburban 2500 owners review and rate their 1996 GMC Suburban 2500.

1996 GMC Suburban 2500 (2 Reviews)
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I have a 1996 2500 454 with 192,000 on it. The biggest issue I have had is the front brake pads last about 30k tops. I do alot of towing, so some of the wear is to be expected. The only other issue I had was the distrbutor gear wearing out at 140k miles. The gas mileage on the HWY without towing is actually better than it was with my 5.7L 1500.
We bought a 96 Suburban used and the only issue we have had was some sort of module in the transmission had a bad ground wire. A fairly inexpensive repair kit solved the issue and the transmission is working fine now. The interior is nice and roomy and very comfortable to ride in on long trips. The sound system freaks out from time to time and requires us to pull the main fuse and let the system reset. Other than that, and the 454 big block which is hard on fuel, we are totally satisfied with this GMC product.