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1997 GMC Sonoma (3 Reviews)
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Bought 1997 Sonoma with 4.3 V6 and 5 speed Trans with 36000 miles on her. Since then I have 0ver 373000 miles on her as of today. She's one tough truck. Since New I have replaced 1 water pump, 1 fuel pump, 1 intake gasket. Believe it or not. I,m still on the original clutch, though She starting to chirp once in a while now. So my baby letting me know its getting to be time for replacement. I'm not afraid to travel anywhere in Her. and as I work out of town we've spent a lot of long hours on the road. Hope to find out just how long she'll keep going. And I'll definitely be buying another GM truck if its got the Vortec Engine.
I have a 97 gmc sonoma and it stalls out at times while driving. the mechanic can't find the reason for it happening. He thought it was the module so he changed it but it stalled out again. I suggested that it might be the fuel filter but he said that was not possible. Any suggestions?
one of the reasons why a fuel pump goes bad is lack of changeing the filter and the pump has to work harder to push the fuel through the system