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2000 GMC Sierra 1500 owners review and rate their 2000 GMC Sierra 1500.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500 (6 Reviews)
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2000 GMC SIERRA 205K and strong

It still looks good and drives good....if you are going in a streight line, with little wind, and even road. Really, its been a great truck, and has power to keep going. The problem is besides the rear main seal leaking a little, it goes through shocks like 8 yrar old boy goes through shoes. It drives straight in perfect conditions, so I guess the entire suspension could be replaced. I am wondering how to get it done reasonably. Telling someone its all worn out usually fires the repair guys dollar sign endorphin so strongly its turns me off to the idea of fixing anything.
I assume the springs are tired, every ball joint and stearing component (minus the rack&pinion unit) have play or are loose, and all the bushings show the 200Kplus miles. I am thinking I should go to maybe a customizing shop where they do lots of suspension work. Ideas, or comments?
I purchased this new from the factory. I've replaced the blower resistor, 4WD switch, 4 power window units, brakes & rotors 4 times, fuel pump/filter, brake lines went last summer. The truck has 173000 hard miles on it. She's been better to me than I have been to her. We have a 28ft Dutchman Trailer that I pull. It's a little overloaded but it works with the 4.8L. I agree that if you keep up with the routine maintenance the truck will go well over 200K. The next one will be a 2500HD Diesel, used of course. The new ones are too much. I am extremely satisfied with this truck. My kid loves it and it will go to him when I get the diesel.
After 254000 miles the truck is still in good shape. I plow all winter and use this truck as a truck. I would buy a GMC anytime.
2wd-114k miles.bought new in oct. 1999.replaced brakes twice,u-joints once. replact idler at 100k.original waterpump, altrnater,fuel pump. i have found out if properly maintained these truckswill go over 200k.i do most of my own maintence and repair. it is my own opinion that these are great trucks and that people that have problems with them usually know little or nothing about properly maintaining them.
Bought this truck as the 2nd owner..awesome vehicle! 185k mi and still strong. I am having some brake problems currently, but overall a solid truck.
Purchased this truck with about 48k miles, 5 years and 100k later the only thing i have replaced was a drive belt. VERY pleased with this truck.