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1998 GMC Jimmy (2 Reviews)
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Bought a 98 Jimmy in 2007 and have not stopped repairing it since! Total lemon and the worst used car/truck I have ever owned in my 25 plus years of driving. In the first 3 months I had to replace the fuel pump, radiator, ball joints, idler arm, brake pads and as I type I am waiting for my mechanice to replace wires and plugs. Still need shocks, my a/c compressor leaks and I have not had a/c for two years (cant afford the $1000 plus to fix it). Leaked oil everywhere until I had the oil assembly replaced. Oh yes, and front brake pads replaced. My husband tried to recline in the passenger seat this summer while we were taking a road trip and the lever literally snapped off in his hand! I now need a multif function switch replaced as my right signal light is clicking rapidly when I use it and makes a sputtering noise in the cold weather. A money pit that I am going to get rid of asap and NEVER buying GMC again. Back to the Hondas and Toyotas for me.
When I bought mine used, dealer had to replace gas pump. I have issues with the steering being loose and the suspension being swaying and bouncing, yet when I took it to dealer, they tell me that it has a floating suspension. Ummm. no, I don't think so, I get whiplash when driving it. They eventually replaced the idler arm, and tightened the pitman arm, but I will be needing a new one soon. The brakes ABS system fails now and then, and the security light comes on alot and the truck will stall and sometimes not start. I am getting all this and more fixed next year. Other than that, its a sharp looking vehicle, love the leg room and storage space.