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1997 GMC Jimmy (3 Reviews)
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I bought a 1997 Jimmy SLE about 4 1/2 years ago, The transmission was out when I got it, It will shift 1 2 3 but will not go into OD and leaks fluid from the front around the seal or pump, I parked it and it has sit there for over 4 years, I thought I would rebuild the transmission now and got a new battery and installed it and now it will not start, I think the fuel pump has went out from sitting in the old gas, Anyway I poured a little gas into the throttle body and after 4 years it started right up and there was NO smoke whatsoever, So now I'm ready to fix this Lil 97 2 WD and drive it, I will update this thread after a year or so, Because I just know this Lil Jimmy be be a great Truck.
we bought this jimmy back in jan.cant keep bearings in it'fuel pump'4 front tires'front end replaced'lights stay screwed up'pops and cracks all the time engine light comes on'have it checked fine'radiator'waterpump'paintbad; the way;doors will lock automaticly'MAKE SURE TO HAVE EXTRA KEY HANDY IF DOOR CLOSES!DONT EXSPECT TO HAVE EXTRA MONEY JIMMY GONNA NEED IT!WOULD I BAIL OUT G.M.NOOOOOOOOOO!THEY SHOULD BAIL OUT THE PEOPLE THAT PURCHASED THEIR PRODUCTS!GOOD LORDS WILL THIS WILL BE THE LAST G.M.PRODUCT I WILL OWN!IF YOU GOTTA GOOD ONE MORE POWER TO YOU MAYBE I WILL BE THE LAST ONE TO SQEEZE THE LEMON.
1997 gmc jimmy dash light wont come on when key turned on engine turns no start herd could be anti theft if u have any idea call me 5027675985 please. only way to get to start is if i let my batt. drain down turn key to pos. rite before you start u no when the dash lights should be on then hook jump cables to it then the dash light come on then it starts but only that once cant turn off then start back please if you have any info love to hear it thanks.