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2002 GMC Envoy (13 Reviews)
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I gave the heating and air conditioning rating a 3 due to number 5 doesn't work in my care but still 4 is ice cold. But lets get to the heart of the matter. I'm having a problem with my rear break lights on both sides the middle brake light above the hatch works I also have running lights and turn signals and reverse lights just no brake lights. I've replaced the rear circuit boards on both sides and checked all the fuses and checked the break switch under the dash by the pedal. I'm so stuck that I'm going to loose my mind if I can't figure this out. Please any body have this problem or know of any body that has. I so stressed out about it that i don't even want to really wait to find out on this site I'll do one even better I can be reached at 215-260-7986 my name is Mike please If the car GOD car hear my prayers don't hesitate to call. please and thank you.
I have had problems with my envoy that the service center had no idea what was the problem. Paid money too have the electrical system checked and two days later my alternator checked out.....and they said it was careful if your engine light comes on its a warning the alternator is checking out....beware spending money to have them nothing is wrong.....good luck....envoy owner....
My 2002 envoy needs a new gas tank also it has some fram rot which needs too be replaced I just found out due to its at the upper control arm .Does any one know how difficult it is to replace a gas tank ?
I have a Gmc and its great im selling for $500.00 the only thing thats wrong with it is the brakes just squeak i little the milage on the car is 367,875 if you want it just give me a call 203 589 1941
At 124,000 miles and cool air intake system. Brakes a little spongy, but letting air out works!
My 2002 GMC envoy has 320,000 miles and all I have done is change the alternater,starter and water pump. This vehicle is the best car I have ever owned. Its so nice not owning a Chrysler
I purchased a new 2002 Envoy and I love this vehicle. I now have 134,000 miles on it and aside from one complete tire replacement at about 70,000 miles (new tires scheduled for spring 2012) and new brakes it has been hassle-free. I have my oil changed, tires balanced and rotated every 3,000 miles since purchase of Envoy. After my last oil change, the "service 4wd" message appeared. I rarely, even in winter, engage the 4wd and I question if this is a switch malfunction or if the techs who changed the oil could have inadvertently bumped something to cause the message to be displayed at this time. What does 4wd service involve and what is the cost?
I just passed 220,000 miles. Just now experiencing some idle issues .....couldn't have been blessed with a better car....
i have envoy 2020 16000 and i love
Great car. 145,000 miles
one of the best vehcles that I have ever owned.
gmc needs to work on improving the outer look of the envoy other than that its all good
I love(d) my car. I have a 2002 envoy purchased brand new and is now having trouble. I've never once had to replace my brakes (fingers crossed). the only repairs I've had were fixing the A/C unit, replacing the water pump and now experiencing problems w/engine starting to rumble and lose power. Over all, I can't complain because it's been very good to me this long. With a little over 134,000 miles I guess something is bound to break eventually. Perhaps I'll look into the buying the GMC Arcadia.