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1997 Geo Prizm (6 Reviews)
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My baby just died.
I love my Prizm! Unfortunately, some Bozo hit me, and it has been declared a total loss, so it is going for scrap. So sad to see her go. She had over 230,000 miles on her and was in great shape. The exterior paint was just starting to fade in places. If you were to see it before the wreck, you'd think it was a new car. I babied it, and it deserved it. Also, I am a stickler for a good AC, and this one was excellent. Really hate to see her go!
All I can say is that I have 271,000 miles on it. And, it is still in excellent driving condiditon. I count my blessings. The only things I have replaced: clutch about 250,000 miles; radiator - not sure of the mileage. Now, at 271,000 I have been told my starter need to be replaced. I anticipate going to a shop on 11/5/2012.
I have two wishes - bring back the Geo (but a compact SUV or wagon) and stop this daylight saving time change. This flipping the clock back and forth is making me crazy.
My mother bought this car in 1998 with less than 20,000 miles on it. I bought it from my mother for $2000 to give my daughter when whe turned 16, it had about 60,000 miles on it then. My daughter drove it until she got another car and I am still driving this car today with 230,000 miles on it. I have never had any Major work done to this car. I have kept the oil changed every 3-5 thousand miles and it has truly been the very best car I've ever owned. I wish they were still being made. the reliablity and fuel effeciancy make this car amazing. I wish they would bring it back, I would buy a new one in a heartbeat..
Overall, a solid car. With proper maintenance these have been known to push over 300,000 miles. I've witnessed it. Unfortunately, mine was not in 100% condition when I got it. But to date, the only serious work I have needed done is a fuel pump and filter replacement(at 153,000)
toe arm broke on rear axle at 97,500
struts replaced at 117,500
harmonic balancer broke at 117,700 - should have totalled the car if I hadn't pulled over immediately

has been a good car but those were NOT cheap repairs