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1995 Geo Prizm (12 Reviews)
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Hi, I got my geo prizm 1995 with 120,120 milles. That was back in 2012, the previous owner had abused the car. But I put some love and care too it. Currently it has 2017,120miles run strong but consume oil too. I put a lot of new staff on this car and I am find it hard to let go. It has plenty of rust but trusty. With this car, it has made me mechanic inclined. Most of time I do all the work on my geo prizm and it makes me happy.
We bought our Geo Prizm at 22,000 miles and it now has 160,000 miles. Our car has been over the Rocky Mountains and back and over the Appalachians and back. It is a very great and sturdy car. We've had to replace the front strut and spring on the driver side, regular maintenance like brakes and oil changes and tune ups. The only major thing we've had to replace is recently our master cylinder went. Our mechanic is surprised our car is still up and running with all the abuse it's taken. Gods only know how many tires we've gone through and the hubcaps are long gone but who really NEEDS those. LOL A great and sturdy car. Love it and would buy one again in an instant.
my car shuts off when i put it in reverse or drive
I purchased my base Geo Prizm as a two year old used car with about 55,000 miles on it. It now has 255,000 on it and is still all original major components except for an alternator and power steering hose. We have done the usual with timing belts, struts etc. those things that you expect to wear out or a normal maintence items. It does use about a quart of oil between 3000 mile oil changes but still gets 35 miles to the gallon or better in the road in summer months and only slightly less in winter. It has been the most incredibly durable car we've ever owned.
The Geo Prizm (Toyota Corolla) has to be one of the best economy vehicles ever manufactured. If you have a long commute w/ highway miles this is the perfect car. I bought mine in December 2008 w/ 113,000 miles and I have as of Feb 2011 185,000 miles. Two years laters 72,000 miles this vehicles has never failed me. The maintenance is so simple, parts are cheap, and it will last forever. I change my oil every 2,000 - 2,5000 miles, use high quality parts (NGK plugs and wires) and I change all my major fluids every 30,000 miles (transmission fluid). Stick shift is alot of fun and I have had this car up to 95mph w/o any issues.
My '95 Geo Prizm has about 88,000 miles and still going great. I bought it at around 55,000 miles a few years ago. Regular oil changes, replacement of battery and alternator, plus tires of course, and so far no major problems. Best car I ever owned. Why, oh, why did Geo/Chevrolet ever stop making this model? They're crazy! But I'm happy.
I have 197,000 miles on it and now it will not start anymore.
So much as to say if you do buy one make sure it does not have a lot of miles on it or you will be putting in a lot of money to keep it running.
It rusted out fast that is why I gave it one star.
I bought mine at 64,000 and it run well until it got over 100,000 then little things started happening. The big thing is though it reached 197,000 and all of a sudden it would not start and put in over $600 to get it running again and now it will not yet start on cool mornings and also will not start when it rains withing 36 hours.
So no idea of what it could be and can not find a way of checking the codes for it(it is too old for the auto mechanics in my area because of the old way of checking the codes.
Now I wish I did not get this car or should of gotten rid of it before the trouble started because I'm afraid it is going to cost more than it is worth.
300,000 miles on my 1995 Prism! I replaced the front exhaust pipe when the car had 295,000 miles. The clutch was replaced with 275,000 miles. The mechanic couldn’t believe it. I don’t know how many tires and break jobs I have gone threw, but that has nothing to do with the quality of the car. The harmonic pulley on the front of the engine split in half the day after it hit 300,000, so the belts and pulley were replaced. The suspension is really feeling the ware and needs to be fixed if I decide to keep driving it. When the weather gets real cold and you hit a bump it’s like the frame is going to cave in. I not sure what there called but they look like heavy duty shocks connected to the frame. Someone told me the gas in them probably has leaked out. Anyway, the interior is in pretty good shape, all dash instruments, lights, knobs and radio/tape deck work fine. There is no power anything in the car and the A/C still works fine. The only consistence maintenance has been oil changes. The hub caps started falling off when the car had around 80- 90,000 miles. I never did replace them and wax , forget it.

I guess that’s about it.

126,000 miles with $0 spent on repairs other than normal maintenance items. The car still has no squeaks or rattles inside and no road feel unlike many other cars I've owned that are much larger such as a 1996 Olds Cutlass and 1999 Nissan Altima I owned. Another example of a GREAT buy for anyone wanting to save alot of money. This car will still feel and run like a two year car even when it has 200,000 plus miles.
I am going on 194000 miles. Great fuel economy around 42 mpg hwy and 35 city. The windows are tight when in use. The water pump just went last week and it is housed in with the timing belt. Independant garage charged $550.00 to fix, but very trustworthy shop. Other than that, since new just basic repairs like brakes, tires, and exaust pipe and catalytic converter. Still runs great and great suspension.
This has been an excellent car. I bought it at 130,000 miles and it now has 210,000. Only front wheel bearings have gone bad. The interior is much better than the new ones.