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1994 Geo Prizm (7 Reviews)
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i have a 94 geo Prizm its an excellent car! it recently started doing this thing when i let go of the gas petal it pulls back like you can feel when i let go of the gas petal dramatically!! whats wrong? what can i do to fix it?
I have owned it since 2005. I love it so much.
I have approx. 159K miles on my little Geo. I bought it at 111K and I absolutely love this car! I have had only basic repair stuff to do, e.g. brakes, struts, and replaced the driver's seatbelt. The interior light has a loose connection, but it works if I don't keep trying to turn it on and off -- just allow an open door to turn it on.
I love this car (1994). I have 100000 miles on it. Replaced battery, alternator and starter, but it has never left me stranded. Best car I ever owned.
I really like this car. It is my first manual transmission also and I am really putting my skills to the test living in a town that is just a big hill. It doesn't help that my parking break doesn't work anymore either. But it definetly a good car to get for a teen. I have 182,000 miles on this bad boy right now and the first time it gave me a problem was when a belt broke, or got chewed apart by the dang squirrels.
I have a 1994 Geo Prizm LSI. I've had it for two years now, I purchased it used from a used car lot. I have regular maintanence done on the car as often as it needs it. Other than that I have not had any major repairs except for the back brakes when I first got the car. The brakes are okay but I have noticed I have to replace the front brakes and rotors once every year. The interior is still in like new condition, although I hate where the cup holder is located. My air conditioner blows out air but the air is not cold, I haven't bothered to get it checked out yet because it's not too big of a deal for me. I have had problems with my power windows since I got the car. Front passenger side window has never rolled down, back windows are starting to squeak when I roll them down, driver side window stopped working, got it replaced and now it's acting up again. My car only has 118,000 miles on it. It's been a great, little running car up until a few days ago. I did a basic tune up on it and put in a new battery and now my car starts, drive it around for 10-15 mins and then it abruptly dies out but after it dies it'll start right back up. I suspect it may be my ignition coil but every shop tells me they don't know what's wrong with it. I am thinking about taking it to the dealership or just letting it sit and getting another car and when I have more money to blow, then get it fixed. I'm not giving up on it though because it's been so good to me and don't want to ever see it go. I will defenitely cry the day I have to say good bye to this car. It's been very reliable and even though I am just now having a problem, I have had great experience with it for two years now with absolutely no problems at all so I would still recommend this car to anyone thinking about getting one.
This is an excellent car. Apart from typical issues with the interior plastic slowly falling apart, I have had no problems up to 130,000 miles. No mechanical issues whatsoever.