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1990 Geo Prizm owners review and rate their 1990 Geo Prizm.

1990 Geo Prizm (5 Reviews)
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300,520 miles Iand counting. I swear to you I have never changed anything on this vehicle. Ok maybe; the clutch, timing belt,
radiator and put new seals on the front and rear main but other than that nothing.Oh wait oil lots of oil. I bought this car in Detroit in 1991,it has proven to me. that Toyota rocks.
I have only had this car for less than 2 years. I bought it with 137000 miles on it, and in the year and a half I have owned it, added 50,000 miles. The only real flaws I have noticed with it is that the AC doesn't cool down the car at all. It only cools down the person sitting right in front of it. My little prizm finally broke down a few weeks ago because of the master cylinder. I fixed it for a price of 380 dollars. It drove okay for a few weeks, and now the clutch is gone. The car did me well for a first car to get me back and forth and have some fun. I love the compactness of the car, makes it so easy for me to parallel parking.
I have over 266,000 miles on this car. Very good car. Gets about 38 MPG. Will probably fix the car if it breaks since can't afford to buy another used car right now. Has manual transmission, no AC, heater takes awhile to heat up inside of car. Driver side front window doesn't work properly and probably can't be fixed since part needed now is obsolete but overall a GREAT car. So far, gets me from point A to point B.
not a great car i got rid of mine for a mercury topaz
Love this car. It's our 2nd Prizm. I drive the 2001. They both get great gas mileage. The interior of this car was initially made much better than my 2001.