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1995 Geo Metro (4 Reviews)
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I bought a 1995 Geo Metro 4-cylinder four door in 2004 for my daughter to use at college. She used it for four years, and I acquired it after she got married. I have used it as my daily work commuter (40 miles/day) ever since. The odometer just cleared 225,000 miles and I expect to get at least 300,000 miles out of it. There was one engine failure due to a broken timing belt (my fault; at that time I didn't know about timing belt replacements). I had a used engine put in at about 140,000 miles. Other than that, I have had the ball joints replaced, and the usual maintenance (oil changes, tuneups, brake pads, batteries, exhaust.) This car has absolutely surprised me. To be honest, I didn't expect much from it. But it has been the most dependable, reliable car I have ever owned, and I am 54. It starts up first time, every time, even when it is minus 20 or 30. The car's heater warms up quickly. It will never win any races, but it's spry enough for me. And it gets an average 35 mpg. (Used to get 40, but it dropped a couple years ago. May be the ethanol in the fuel.) Even though this was a cheap car when new, its reliability and longevity earn it high praise from me. Many other vehicles I have owned have nickel-and-dimed me to a plague, but this car just keeps on going.
My son bought our '95 Metro in '99 to go off to Philly to school. It had 50 k miles and body was in very good shape. It survived Philly for four years - lifted up on curve by football players - towed twice and returned- and made it past Broad and side streets many nights. My son graduated in '02 and passed it on to me. I replace the exhaust system once, new alternator, two batteries and that is it. Now has 185,000 mi and gets almost 50 mpg. Now has a tick when it starts and i suspect it is a starter. I am not replacing anything else and will probably sell very soon.
THIS car has been unbelievable! Very cheap to run and even after 14 years it is probably my most dependable vehicle of 5.....
QUESTION -- WHY, PLEASE TELL ME WHY can't the US produce a 3 cylindar car with this quality? I think i know the answer, they don't want to lose money. This car needs about $500 of cosmetic and simple mechanical work and i bet it will go 300,000. It is now worth every penny of the $3000 my son paid for it. It will be hard to give up.
i have a 1995 geo metro lsi 2d automatic and i dont know whats wrong with it you have to shift it even though its an automatic and it hate going up hills cutting off every time i try.
Best car I ever owned. Bought brand new in 95 with 6 miles on it. Still running at 205,000 miles. Smooth ride on highways, some normal amount of rattle over tracks and neighborhood driving. 39 mpg hwy, 35 city. Driver side window is slightly difficult to roll down. Paint still shines. Interior has normal fading on dash. Faithfully changed oil every 3000 miles. Normal repairs, breaks, tires, exhaust system. Engine components still original.