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1995 Ford Windstar (5 Reviews)
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We've owned our 95 Windstar LX for the last 2 yrs and I love it. We've also replaced a lot of parts on it, but I consider them all investments (especially since we do not have a car note). So far, both catalytic converters, alternator, battery, serpentine belt, spark plugs, wires, 3 o2 sensors, a hose or two.... BUT we drove it to Ct from Fla twice. Now I think we're having an issue with the exhaust manifold seal, but like I said before, all investments. The car is almost 20yrs old and has close to 190,000miles. Plus, all the repairs mentioned above were NOT done together, just over time. Pushing on 3yrs with us and looking forward to another 10+. My first exp with a 03 Windstar was much worse. We financed it with almost 365.00 a month payments and in less than a yr we had to replace the transmission. You can never really tell, especially when you're not the first owner and don't do regular maintenance on it. It doesn't matter what car you own. You don't take care of it, it won't work well for long. For us, we just love not having payments and high full coverage ins. All the money we've spent is still way less than almost 3yrs of financing for a car you still have to maintain. :)
My windstar is breaking 450,000 miles i've used it for work and play, when i had problem with it, it was my neglect for not taking care of the problem sooner. I just kept up with the maintances tune ups, oil changes. i've changed the battery and alternater and starter but that was when it was about 200,000 -250,000 miles. Its starting to lose power but that expected with this much wear and tear. Also it depends on the machanic who works on it
I love this mini van, i turned it into a work van.A/c super cold.Good on fuel,very spacious,fits all my tools,and it tows very good.197,000 miles and running real strong, I wouldnt sell really suprised me!!
this car work ok
This is without a doubt one of the worst cars I've ever owned. The engine blew on me at about 79000 miles. The problem was the head gaskets.. I found out that Ford had actually recalled the motor because ALL the head gaskets were bad.. but they failed to notify customers of the recall.
There are a couple dozen other recalls on the same model as well...
Oh.. After I had the motor replaced the van lasted almost 10000 miles more before the transmission failed. I made the mistake of having that fixed too, and got about another 5000 miles before the ignition switch failed.. I literally had to open the hood and pull a fuse to shut off the car. Then the lever used to pop the hood failed..
Every other owner of a Windstar from 92 - 99 that I've ever talked to has told me the same thing... This is a TERRIBLE car.

There is only one thing this car is good for - being used as an example of why the American auto industry is failing.