1996 Ford Thunderbird Reviews and Owner Comments

1996 Ford Thunderbird owners review and rate their 1996 Ford Thunderbird.

1996 Ford Thunderbird (4 Reviews)
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i have a 1997 ford thunderbird but when i buy parts its gotta be for a 96 tbird. but my cars a 1997 makes no sense made a few trips to autozone with parts for a 97 and not fit .. anyways its a great car i just put brakes on it but my rotors are so messed up when im goin like 65 and i gotta make a sudden stop it shakes like u wouldnt believe .but all 4 wheels are all disc brakes is there anyway that i can put my back rotors on my front ?? does anyone know .if u can doit or not but other than that i love it i got the 4.6 V8 and i get like 28mpg.. its awesome the interior is a lil messed up but it was like that when i got it.. its the fastest on race day!!!!
I've never been a real fan of Ford until I gambled and bought my 1996 v-8....this is absolutely the best car I've ever owned, powerful, quiet, a smooth ride, and stylish good looks - the only fault I can find is the cup holders are positioned awkwardly
These cars drive beautifully. Their handling is matched by their stylish good looks. The car seems to be well built and not so subject to rust a easily as earlier cars. Their 4 speed computer transmissions are glitch ridden. But they seem to keep going. Head gaskets can be a problem as well. But over all this car is a keeper. I took my '96 T-bird with 128,000 miles on an 8,500 mile trek across the country. It's v-6 managed to average 30 mpg loaded down.
My next car is going to be another 1990's T'bird with less miles. They really are nice cars.