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1994 Ford Thunderbird (2 Reviews)
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We purchased this 1994 T-Bird from the original owner in 2001 and it had about 60,000 miles on it and was in beautiful condition. The engine is the 3.8 V-6, and only full synthetic oil was used in the car since new. My wife drove it until 2009 when she got a new car. At that time it had just under 100,000 miles on it. I started using it as my part time commute car for work and put another 5,000 miles on it. Over years, the car ran great, and other than routine maintenance, we had no problems. A couple of years before my wife stopped driving it, however, we noticed that it was losing coolant, but there were no apparent leaks. When we had it checked out, the mechanic flushed and pressure tested the system and indicated that there were no problems. He neglected to tell me that these cars are known for head gasket failure. A little over a year ago the check engine light started coming on intermittently, the heat stopped working and the coolant loss problem continued. I stopped driving it, and several months ago when I started it up, it begain spewing white smoke. I am told that the head gasket needs to be replaced, and I understand that this could be quite expensive, since I can't do it myself. This is unfortunate, since I really enjoyed driving this car, and this is the only major problem we have had with it.
This is the best road car next to a Cadillac. 28 MPG from the very start. Some problems over the years, but made repairs immediately (some under warranty). Have not had repeat problems. Keep it maintained better than the average person. Have every maintenance receipt since I purchased it new. I'll tally up the receipts - see what its cost me over the years.