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2002 Ford Taurus (17 Reviews)
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Been pleased with my Taurus its the SES model has silver exterior with dark grey cloth interior. Put 264K miles no problems bought this car new in March 2002 driven across the country. Electronics works well I have really enjoyed my car but looking for a new replacement think got all my monies worth owning this car has been well taken care of I am single 48 year old male so get ready buy a SUV. I definitely would recommend this car though its a Ford can't complain about their vehicles because they made me an great reasonable car that served me well in last 12 years owned it.
Engine has hesitation I changed front 3 plugs-wires and hesitation is worse. I am afraid the engine has jumped time.
I bought a 2002 Ford Taurus 3.0L 24v DOHC with 58,000 miles on it. Currently, it has 85,000 miles on it and we have put in over $4000 in repairs in the last 20 months.

First, the rotors went bad and had to be replaced - found out that this is a common problem in a Taurus. Second, the ignition coil had to be replaced - another common repair on the taurus. Now, the air compressor has gone out (yet another common Taurus repair) and, because of the way the vehicle is engineered, repairing this will cost over $1200 (they would have to pull the engine). I have opted to do this repair myself with a bypass pulley kit ($40 at autozone and elbow grease). Now I have taken out the compressor and installed the pulley, but the way the car was engineered makes putting a serpentine belt back on almost impossible - even with a serpentine tool I bought from autozone. The space between the tensioner and the metal is literally 1" and no tool I have found can access it! Now I am having to pay someone to put the belt back on.

Despite the low mileage, this has been the most frustrating car I have ever owned. I would recommend that anyone who is thinking about buying one think long and hard about the $$$ you will have to eventually spend on repairs.
I have a bit of an unusual engine, unseen by most mechanics. It's a 2002 Taurus SES, 24V, DOHC, 3.0litre engine. The passenger side of engine has the serpentine belt and on the driver side is a 'balancer belt' which goes on a camshft pulley, through a tensioner and around the water pump pulley. Its purpose is a counter balancer weight on the cam so as to reduce engine vibrations. How many models has this? Most part houses don't supply or find this belt listed. Suppose to get from a Ford Dealer, which is the stupidest thing. I can get it online. The "Gates" belt part number is: WO133-1635861 and it is 26.8inches in length. Anyone else have this specific designed engine?
expect to do some major repairs. torque contveter at some point, and shocks and struts x4 ever single one junks
my tarus has been not wanting to start and it has been skipping really bad how do i fix it
I think this is the best car that I've ever had.No major repairs,or anything out of the ordinary except a few parts,such as a motor mount and the top of the rear shocks,rusted away to nothing.The car is driven for work,but has been highly maintained with regard to replacing ALL fluids,etc.Currently have 168k on it.Runs great,still looks good.I've sold my other Taurus wagons before 100 k,except a 91 which was donated at about 163K.Five in the family over the years.If Ford offered a similar wagon, I might go it,but they don't,so I'll keep driving this one.If it dies,I'll buy an Escape.
I purchased my 2002 Ford Taurus SES from a Hertz dealer with 25,000 miles in 4/2003. It ran like a champ til about 150,000 miles. I drive a lot. As of today...over 182,000 miles. At that time I replaced 1 Water pump and 10,000 miles later fuel pump...nothing else major.

My heater hasn't worked in quite a while... maybe since miles 165,000 but I'm in Los Angeles, and I don't miss it enough to fix it on an old car that I will replace within a 1 1/2. (I dream to get it to 200,000 miles I've never owned a car more than 3 years before...though I always buy used to avoid the depreciation.

Q. What is the cause on such a car if he temp gauge fluctuates greatly and the car runs at lower temp when accelerating or driving UP a hill. (Counter intuitive). I wonder if its a sensor or some electrical malfunction causing the fan not to come on at the correct time?

In 3/2010 I was having a overheating issue and the dealer wanted me to replace the radiator...however, a very honest man (Henry) at Valley Radiator in Van Nuys, CA put in a new thermostat, and the car had run fine til just this past week.
Bought this car 2 years ago with 45,000 miles on it. First thing to go was the radiator overflow canister. I was told Ford made then to thin. The coolant disintegrated the plastic. Next was both rear struts. A couple of months later the left front strut spring broke, without warning, and went right through the front tire. Replaced both front struts, and my tire, only to find out the half shafts were shot and needed to be replaced. I now have 66,000 miles on it and just replaced the EGR valve. As soon as I can keep the check engine light off long enough to get it inspected I'm going to unload this car and would have to think twice before buying another Ford.
Taurus SEL - This is the worst car I've ever bought. Bought it new in 2002. First new car. Both front springs broke before 50,000 miles. Rear spring is broken. Replaced HVAC unit and wiring harness in driver's side door @ 80,000 miles. Now, with less than 89,000 miles tranny quit without warning. Ford will not stand behind their lousy manufacturing. Last Ford to ever sit in my driveway!
Bought the car new. Been a stellar performer. Pushing 155k mileage now. Got 72k on original tires. Just replaced second set. Routine maintenance at scheduled times has proven the key to keeping the car on the road and performing well. Had 288k on previous Taurus when I sold it.
I bought my 2002 Taurus in 2010, now what can you speck of a 8 years old car? Well I can tell you that the engine runs as any or better than most new car and the body with it's original ashen gray color looks as good as new. I am so happy with my Taurus ...

Jose Luis Rodriguez Riverdale, New York City
Bought my 2002 DOHV 6-cyl new. Followed the maintenance schedule (changed oil, tranny fluids, etc.) Now have nearly 175,000 on it and it still runs strong. Only complaint is that I live in Ohio and the body is rusting under the wheel wells and starting to see some in the rocker panels. Still love this car, and am looking at the new 2011 model. Wish all American vehicles were as well engineered as my Taurus.
This car is a piece of junk. I have actually owned two and have had nothing but problems with BOTH! If your considering buying one of these, then DON'T unless your a mechanic who enjoys working on this car all the time!!!!
I bought a used 2002 Ford Taurus SES in June 2010. In September 2010 I had used $1,200.00 to repair the A/C Compressor which had failed and caused the burning of the drive-belt. And now in October 2010, the Transmission is not working and the car is sitting down in my driveway. The estimated cost of the repair for rebuilding the Transmission is over $2,000.00. This car is a real head-ache and we must advise all our friends of what to expect when buying a Ford Taurus.
My 2002 Ford Taurus SEL is the second 4th generation Taurus that I've owned, and even though I have been more of a GM fan (my first 2 vehicles were Chevys and my 3rd was a Pontiac), the 2000-2007 model Ford Tauruses have proven, in my opinion, to be rather dependable vehicles. For example, my first Taurus (a 2000 Ford Taurus SES) had 276,000 miles when I purchased it used for a cheap $1500, and for 2 1/2 years I have driven it, bringing the odometer to 334,000 miles! It has helped me on many long commutes (avg. 100-240 miles per day for 5 days a week) even with the many miles on it with very little maintenance needed! And even though I have only had my 2002 Taurus for 2 1/2 weeks (as of Nov. 2, 2010) it seems to run smoother than the 2000 one and has been real dependable! I have become a 4th generation Taurus fan, and will cherish my 2002 Ford Taurus SEL for as long as I can drive it!!
I hate my Taurus. I also own a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee which has 220,000 miles on it and the Jeep gives me FAR less problems.