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1999 Ford Taurus (9 Reviews)
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bought this car in august 2011. about 170000 miles on it, currently has 174000. it has been an amazing car to go to school and work. 22 mpg, handles well for its age, put 21 dollars for inspection and 40 for wipers. new water pump was 35. great car. i'm a Chrysler guy but this Taurus has definitely gotten me through what i need it for. only issue is no abs or traction control(base model). the rest is great
I baught this wheels of torture back in 2002 used. with about 50k miles. from a little known car shop named Susies carlot in richwood texas. Uon purchase everything was fine.. my vehicle didnt start really acting up till 4 years after i had gotten it. apparently the previous owner must have been either ina flood or never knew what coolant was because i started getting leaks from everywhere.. had to pay to replace all freezer plugs for they were completely eroded. Then my car started over heating so upon further dialyasis i had to replace my water pump. when i replaced that the water pump that fan was so eroded it did not have any blades left what so ever. then all the heating pipes started to go and on top of that i had issue with my car not starting and had to replace the fuel injector. now my a/c and heater will not blow so i am in another horror scene of trying to replace or figure out what can be causing it. I couldnt tell you that its was because of the vehicle and the way it was built that was the culprit or the fact that the previous owner topre the crap out of it and sold it cheap to a carlot. either way i have paid for my car almost twice of what i baught it at. i use to love ford and now.... well.....
what the f did i get my self into i want my money back!!!!!
I bought a 1999 Ford Taurus in 2002. It had about 75,000 miles on it, so I was somewhat wary but it was a good price. It needed a new transmission at about 120,000 miles, but that is the only major repair (other than brakes, routine maintenance, etc.). In 2009 with 186,000 miles on the car, I was T-boned at an intersection by a F-150 pickup going about 50 miles per hour. Hit me right on the driver's side door. I walked away with no injuries. The outside of the door was completely caved in but the interior side of the door barely pushed into the passenger compartment. That car saved my life! The insurance company totaled the car and I immediately started looking for a newer Taurus. I purchased a 2006 Taurus with about 70,000 miles on it. The car now (in 2011) has about 110,000 miles and it hasn't needed any major repairs. I've only changed the oil, etc. for routine maintenance and recharged the air conditioner.
I've had this car for 5 horrible long years. Everything has gone wrong with it. The heat and ac have both went out, i've replaced the oxygen sensor twice, which resulted in the car completly stopping out of nowhere, had the breaks replaced, both break lines rusted through, the dash separated from the steering column, the front end paint and clearcoat started peeling after the first year, the wipers go on and off for no reason and now my mechanic says in another year its body is done for. Boo Ford!
among the worst cars i have ever owned. transmission issues at 80k, brake rotor promlems , even after they were machined., wipers that spontaneously activated when the outside temperature was over 95 degrees, dome lights that would not go off and drained the battery. totally turned me against the ford brand
have had 99 for nearly 6 months and Ive already put on over 5000 miles. no majors problems accept the ones the seller failed to fix and things for previous owners. a special radio was installed and my wipers randomly go off. a few weeks after i bought the speed sensor failed and the transmission still makes me nervous because it doesn't shift the smoothest (unlike my mom's 06 Toyota corolla). and i also had to have the battery replaced. BUT I totally trust my car, i really do. the gas mileage is ok. and has held up well considering i drive almost 1000 miles a month. plus i know another girl who is the typical reckless teenage girl, and the most she's spent for her car repairs is the tires.
I purchased my Ford Taurus two years ago. At the time it had 93000 miles on it. After driving it off the dealers lot (it was a new car dealership)the service engine soon light came on. I returned it to the dealer and after some convincing they agreed to replace the exhaust monitoring chip which would have costed $68.00. Last year on the way down to California the front seal went on the automatic transmission. I found out that the engine had to be removed in order to repair this $2.00 part (labor costs $1,300.00).It is now sitting in my driveway with a power-steering pump leaking.(repair est. $275.00)
Brought this car for college son with 60k on it. Now 3+ years later 130k on it. First 2 years ,no problems. Third year ,a money pit. replace front/rear struts springs,brakes twice,power stering pump. Spoke with seveal amchanics and all state this is a trouble free car until 125-150K. It wasn't sdesigned to go beyond 150K,all mechanics agree to get rid of it soon or it will cost you more money.Son graduates in May 09 and will trade in on a 2 year old Fusion.