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1998 Ford Taurus (11 Reviews)
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My headlights are staying on with car off and switch off on my 98 ford Taurus. Checked fuses all is fine...replaced light switch checked ground wires that I could see any other suggestion.Do not know what else to look for that could cause this
My 1998 Ford Taurus is a hunk of s**t. I got it from my grandfather in January 2013, and he never drove it. I am always commuting back and forth from school and work. The lines on my tranny came loose and leaked out all of the fluid I had. I got the leak fixed just in time. After that, my power steering belt had worn down the entire side of the pully, which I had to replace. After that, all of my brake fluid leaked out, and my brakes stopped working. My car shakes when I'm on the highway, my engine sputters, the heating core doesn't, my shift cable broke and my gear shift won't shift into drive. The brand new serpentine belt I put on last summer is shredded and hanging by small strings. My computer system is also jacked up. It has convinced itself that my doors are open when they are not, so I had to disconnect my overhead light to avoid my battery dying. When I put my key in my door as opposed to using the key fob, my hazards turn on and continue to stay on until I turn the engine off or use the key fob. But the key fob sometimes chooses not to work (with new batteries.) Also, the alarm doesn't go off when you hit the panic button, nor does the beep when you press lock a second time. The motor that moves the seats go on and off at any point in time. On occasion, my blinkers turn on without me hitting the shift. I will NEVER buy a Ford.
My 98 Taurus Wagon SE is also still on the road with 181,000 miles and a survivor of two rear end collisions (pesky tailgaters!). The 2nd one resulted in a 1/2 inch frame compression that took three days on a rack to straighten out. Main complaint: brakes. Yes this car saw lots of city and commuter driving; So 11 major brake jobs over 13 years (last one was in 2011) is to be expected (but, by comparison, my 2004 Crown Vic has 261K on it and I'm only on the 3rd set so far in 10 years). Only other real failure was a fuel pump at 100K. Everything else is still original on it!
I bought our 1998 Taurus SE wagon in Maryland when it was about 2 years old and had about 50,000 miles on it. (It was a salesman's car.) It now has 180,000 miles on it. It runs great and looks good. It has been very dependable and economical. I did brake work (which is to be expected) and some minor repairs, but had no engine, transmission, A/C, or radiator problems. Eight years ago it made six (1,000-miles each way) round trips loaded to the roof rack and pulling a heavy trailor to move us to Florida and got about 27 mpg in the process. This puppy saved us a bundle.
i just purchased a ford taurus stationwagon its an older model, i like it alot i needed a car at the time becavse i live far from town i just moved here from the state of Utah, where i took care of my 85 year old mother,the problem i am having is, there is a sound coming from the front, someone said its a wheel bearing,is it possible that someone could tell me how much i would be paying the ford motor company , to get this fixed.( )
I have a 1998 Ford Taurus with 141,000 on it and last week i was driving and had to slam on my brakes then shortly afterwards a red brake light had come one the dash the light has a exclamation point and a P. I was driving it last night and now i have to put my foot all the way to the floor for the car to stop. the brakes are about a yr old and i barley drive the car as to its not in the best shape i was hoping maybe someone can tell me if they think they know what could be wrong. I cant find the brake fluid reservoir either to maybe see if i may need brake fluid. Please help me someone...
i have a 1998 ford tauras and i have been having rpm problems we have changed the fuel pump three times thinking that was it pplus did a real good tune up changed everything on the fuel part we could think of and we are still having issues when i drive it it works fine for a while than bout mid day when i start it up the rpms go way down even dying some times we are stunned dont know what it could be unless something is clogged we even changed the vapor canister and the hoses nothing any suggestions
it seems like its not getting the right fuel to the car like its just dot got enough power please help.
I love this car. It take off great. in fact a little too well. The lights could be a little bit better. the brake are somewhat decent. I would highly recomened this car to someone who can control speed and has a small family.
I purchased my 98 Taurus SE Comfort (Duratec 24v DOHC) in 2004 with 44000 miles on it. The previous owner purchased it new and maintained it by the book, I got the entire service history with the car. This car has been wonderful! It's now at 114000 miles and it's the most reliable car I've ever owned.
I have a 98 Taurus wagon with 217,000 miles. Last month, it began doing the following.

Once the engine is hot and then the car turned off, more often than not, it will not start again until the engine fully cools off. Sometimes I've had to wait 10 minutes before it would restart; other times it can take an hour or more.

Any idea what's causing this? Otherwise, it's a very reliable car.