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1997 Ford Taurus (9 Reviews)
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belt broke & caused engine to turn-over but won't start, replaced serpentine belt & found crank sensor wires touching. could the wires touching together be a problem or the cam sensor. reply
I have always owned ford and my last taurus died at over 250 thousand or more i took it from the top of IL to the bottom all over it was great and the best body style of them all then i got wrangled into a 97 over 100 thousand at about 50 thou or so extra on it blew the trans out brake blew before that had to take it in a rod was jammed in the brakes tires suspension the normal crap with that old and high miles i plan to make the rest of the repairs tires in back and suspension I love ford Tauruses they are my favorite car and unless the other person beat the crap out of it or you do they are great comfortable reliable cars
I have owned this 1997 Ford Taurus for less than one year and it had 100,000 miles when I got it. In less than a year I have had to replace the brakes, catalytic converters have holes in them, and a valve has gone out in the engine. I will not replace the converters as this is at least a $1200. dollar repair. The same, another $1200. or more to replace the valve. This is a piece of junk!
I bought this 1997 Taurus 6 months ago, and like it very much. I have owned several Fords through the years but this is my first FWD vehicle. The vehicle has needed some normal maintenance and some various minor repairs, but with 106000, and now since I have owned it, it has 116000. These repairs are to be expected. The vehicle has had a off idle acceleration problem since I got it, but this is yet to be resolved, I have had it to one mechanic that did a injector flush, but this had no effect on the problem.
I have read several other reviews like this and I see several people complaining about problems they had had and end up saying the car is a piece of S%@!. It seems like every time I see this, it is a 2nd 3rd or 4th owner, and they obviously have no idea of the previous maintenance history or how hard the vehicle may have been used. Also I see that the car “only had 80000 miles” I hate to tell you this but 80000 is not low miles. It may be low for a 12 to 16 year old vehicle, but not low overall. If you ask most any good mechanic they will tell you 60000 miles is the time you start a major maintenance schedule. This goes for any vehicle, even you Honda and Toyota guys. It also seems like getting a good Diagnosis and repair is difficult, these technicians don’t really know what to do if the problem is not obvious or the analysis machine does not tell them exactly what is wrong. I have a different car that has had a problem with the emissions system and the mechanic has tried twice now it figure out what is wrong and 600.00 out of my pocket and the problem is still not fixed.
I've had this car for almost 4 years. got when it had 150,000 miles now has 215,000. the only problem i have had is with the brakes and the inner/outer rods which is a $450 job. it has had only oil changes. so i think its a nice car o
I got my '97 Taurus as a graduation present two years ago. It had 85k miles on it at the time, and was in perfect working condition until the AC broke a week after getting it (In mid-April, I might add). For a few months, everything else was perfect, but then the heater broke sometime in the following October. To this day, I don't have either fixed, and I've had to replace my spark plugs. Now I have a problem with the check engine light and from what I've been told, the catalytic converters. I understand that it's an old car, though, and it's served me well these past couple of years. I would give anything to have the new 2010 Taurus.
i bought my 1997 taurus gl in 09 the first car i ever bought off a dealer and i love my car it had 107 miles on it when i got it i drove it all the way from va to keywest,fl no problems till i get back here and found out it had the original spark plugs and wires on it and now it starts and then dies alot of people say it is the cad.coverters but not sure i got hit in the back by a drunk driver at 40mph and iwas at a dead stop and all i had was a scuff on my bumper his hole front end was smashed but over all i had no problems with it even though i got ripped off on the price of it but it is a nice,roomy, comfy car
I bought this 1997 Taurus 7 years ago and now has 202,000 mi still passes Dallas emissions with original catylist converters. When I bought the car I upgraded ball joints, and tie rod ends with Moog suspension parts (best). Always had typical wear items serviced with Ford OEM parts such as fluid changes, brakes, belts, tune ups and batteries. Only two major repairs done with transmission rebuild at 167K mi and fuel pump at 190K mi. Overall this car has been great for our household, one of the more reliable cars out of the five we have. I would probably buy another Taurus again for the family.
we have owned every generation of Taurus built to date. We currently own a 2006 and a 1997. The first one we owned a 1986 GL 3.0l was an Awesome car it had over 360000km on it when we sold it. Continued to run with new owner to nearly 550,000kms and was great on fuel ! did replace trans once but hell it had nerarly 250kms on it when I overhauled it. my 1994 3.8l GL was a let down. the 3.8l engines were terible on fuel and blew head gaskets like crazy. we then bought our 1997 3.0L What a great Car ! currently Running over 275kms on it still the same motor still the same trans and it runs like a top! repairs to date are one idler pully $58 one power window switch thats it thats all ! just regular maintenance. Our 2006 that my wife drives is currently at 80kms and we never had to make one warrenty claim yet! These cars made my 2 over priced honduhs look like piles of garbage. Both of my hondas rusted out both had several warrenty claims and both were cold as witchs tit in winter(the passanger actually had to scrape the windows on the inside as we drove and yes we had numorus thermostates put in). My parrents also drove Taurus and owned 4 of them all had over 300kms or better when sold with little to no issues. My advise to anyone looking at buying a Taurus is get one with a 3.0l engine they run forever and are cheap on fuel. Stay far away from 3.8L equiped fords of any varaity. And for those that bitch about trans failure answer me this did you ever have your fluid changed like you are suposed to ever 48000kms? willing to bet 90% did not. It is the most neglected part for maintenance on a new car. Take it from a auto tech of 14 years. even after 300km plus none of our ford taurus we owned had any cracks in the dash rips in the seats just min ave wear.. wish I could say the same thing about my 2 accords I would not by another honda to save my life !