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1996 Ford Taurus owners review and rate their 1996 Ford Taurus.

1996 Ford Taurus (8 Reviews)
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Great car, I love mine, just passed 200k miles and still running strong. Power steering needs to be replaced in most taurus's after 150k miles. Great car though
I've had 4 Taurus' and 1 Sable, all bought used, and put about 100k on each. These are great cars, very economical, and reliable.
I got this car for my 16th birthday. I've had it for 2 and a half years now. Even after I crashed it and smashed up the front end right after I got my license, it has been a reliable car. It seems like we have to put time and money into it all the time, but for being 15 years old, its still been a good car. but now, no matter how many flushes and how much water/antifreeze we put in the radiator, it gets really hot after about a month of driving around. very frustrated, but it still was a very good car. I definitely recommend it to any first driver.
I have to say i can be rough on cars. living in a sub of a major city can cause you to put many many miles on your car. I bought my 96 taurus last year with 170k and now it is over 200k. I've had some major work: trans, brakes, you name it. I've always kept up with my oil cange every 3,000 miles with an inspection as well. I think this car has done well considering what its been through. It is a tough car and just as determined as a taurus should be!
I'm on Taurus # 3, #1 and 2 were totalled in collsions, both with excess of 250K. NEVER had a single issue with them. After reading the negative reviews, I have to say one thing: FOLLOW YOUR MAINTENANCE SCHEDULES!!! It doesnt matter WHAT you drive! You notice that the people who bought their Taurus new and maintained them properly don't have the problems? The Taurus is one of the most popular cars because they ARE reliable! BUT ALL cars fail if not maintained. Reliability doesnt mean you can abuse it!
My Taurus has only 87,000 miles the heating/ cooling system is a huge problem, Over heats constant,Replacing pump now. A/C does not work, My Automatic transmission Park"-pawl abutment bracket is broken. Not safe! Altenator , belts replaced. This car has been kept up with regular work Brakes, tune ups, oil changes. For the low milage this car is a lemon.
Man this car is straight up junk, i got it as my first car and it sucked everytime I turn around I had to replace something. For example, i had to problems back to back first my starter went bad then my battery died and to replace these were two very expensive fixes coming out of my car. DONT BUY THIS CAR AT ALL ITS TRASH