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1995 Ford Taurus (4 Reviews)
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I bought the Taurus in 2000 with 50k miles.) doing that amount of time car was very reliable now here it is mid 2015 as I will say the Taurus is a wonderful car. Replaced air filters at (107K), had 1 alternator went at (85K,) and one of the bearings went (110K,). Car doesn't suffer any burning oil but I did get camshafts replaced in '11 and in early 2013 replaced original crankshaft. People gave the nickname of Ford (FOUND ON THE ROAD DEAD) thankfully my '95 Taurus has really been one of the best vehicles ever owned. Still comfortable car though body/interior are in good shape car isn't beautiful as buying something like a Toyota at least I'm on the '95 original tranny and engine get low maintenance as have regular oil changes 2400 miles not a single issue. Very happy that still driving this car at 285,000 miles as one of the reviewers '95 had 307K, hopefully mines tick at 500K, runs smooth. I can't part with my car dependable ever lasting on roads its all original this vehicle shows no signs of breaking down or retiring at higher mileage this car has on original odometer. Would recommend buying the Taurus as a cheaper affordable vehicle that will last with getting it well maintained doing regular oil changes and changing minor stuff as needed.
i bought my ford taurus in 2011 and its a great car for a 1995 it hadnt been kept up with at all and its really easy to perform repairs on yourself i replaced the water pump starter spark plugs and wires my taurus is running strong with the original motor and tranny and its a 1995 i really reccommend for buyers looking for cheap reliable cars and it has just under 300k miles
I've had my '95 Taurus for 12 years now and it's currently at 307K miles, and is still going strong. (Though, I did recently replace the original starter, but nothing lasts forever, I guess.) The only major issues I've had with this car have been the transmission (replaced at 163K), the cooling fan was replaced three times (once under recall), and the struts were replaced at 128K. Other than those major expenses, this car has only had minor, infrequent expenses (brake pads twice, water pump twice, alternator twice, battery three times, a few alignments, etc.) and has been a complete joy to drive. (Though, please note, one must regularly change the fluids and maintain a car if you want to have a relatively long-lasting, high-mileage vehicle.) My only complaints with this car is 1)the transmission (and its replacement) were never great, and 2)acceleration with the air conditioning on is very sluggish, and stop-and-start city driving with the a/c on can really eat up the gasoline. (Which at $4/gal can break the bank.) Overall, the '95 Taurus was, at least in my mind, a car built to last.
Body- paint coming off at gas tank, Had a partial paint job about 10 years ago. The rest of car looks good.

Interior- the fabric is coming loose at the top of the rear window. The carpet holding up well considering the wear and tear on the car.

Brakes-brake light has been coming on for the past year - intermittently.

Electrical and lights - My rear turn signals are not working and the lights on the rear are not working. No brake light on the rear driver side.

Drive train - no knowledge. No diagnosis of a problem in this area.

Exhaust and emissions - have had mufflers replaced at least 4 times. I was told about 8 years ago I needed to have a catalytic converter replaced. Have had no problems to the best of my knowledge.

Heating and Air Conditioning. No problem with the heating but - I have not used my A/C since 2000! My car's engine dies when I use my A/C. I have not had a decent diagnosis on why yet. The computer diagnosis was always suggested when I did not have the money to get it done and when the car was running fine, I did not think about it. I got one computer diagnosis and it did not tell me anything of value. And it was not done at a Ford facility.

Suspension and Steering - I keep my fluids level and have had no problems in this area.

Today I had to replace the rear strut rod and bushings when a piece broke loose, jammed into the wheel and stopped my car. Fortunately I had reached half of my destination and had not picked up the passenger I was to take in for a medical appointment 20 miles away! it cost me $141 for the replacement parts and labor. I don't know what the regular charge is at a Ford dealership but this is what I paid at a brake place.

Overall, I love my Taurus and really have not had that much maintenance done on my car. Tires and oil changes have been my most numerous maintenance items. I did have Transmission work twice since I purchased my car in November, 1995 as a retirement gift to myself. This was the newest car I had ever purchased and don't think I will ever buy another one.