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1994 Ford Taurus (5 Reviews)
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my 94 ford taurus uses alot of gas,changed the plugs,still no help.could there b a bad sensor
i need the radiator fan wiring harness for 1994 ford taurus
I bought my '94 taurus in '04 after I got rearended driving my '92. I have had some issues with the transmission but yet I have been told that alot of taurus's have that. Just since May of this yr, my mom put alot of money into it....this car (3.8) has 41,480.5 miles on it. My (ex) is putting new bushings on it, axel and gas lines (my mom had someone bend them out of the way). Its funny though because I traded this car in for a '02 Explorer in '06 and got it back 6 months later after it was involved in a accident in which all the sway bars had to be replaced. Otherwise, the car hasn't done me any wrong since it does get me from a-b/b-a.
Had mine for a lot of miles and it still runs great. Probably one of the best cars I've ever owned.
I have a 1994 Ford Taurus LX with a 3.8 in it. All I ever hear is complaints against my engine. I'm told most of these engines crap out about 110,000 miles. Mine only has 80,000 but I have had to replace a crap load of parts in it, and doing maintenance on it is a nightmare. Plus the air conditioner is on the very bottom so if you hit it hard enough it craps out on ya and then you have no air conditioner.