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1993 Ford Taurus (4 Reviews)
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This is my second and last Ford Taurus. The first an '89 who's tranny died within 10 yrs of stellar maintenance and care. Both had the "Factory Ford Paint Job", in other words completely flaking off AFTER the time expired for the fix. This "93 still has it's tranny, but the AC, factory radio, RAMPANT ELECTRICAL ISSUES-including one back window refuses to open and now the Linkage is trashed. How can Ford Motor Co. Continue to operate with all of these issues and no interest in making their mistakes right? Oh, and my gas mileage is rediculous! I'm lucky if I get 14 on HWY and 9 in town.
My 93 taurus Lx that i bought at a junk yard 3 years ago and now it has 211,000miles and i drive from Pa. to NYC almost twice a month and it runs great. Yes you must keep up with all the fluids.
Great car with an engine that will actually get the car up to highway speeds fast enough. My only complaint is the low mileage but that's solved with smart acceleration and braking as well as conservative driving.

Heard from my mechanic that the Taurus GL 3.8L V6 requires more maintenance due to the larger engine, which is understandable. If you do your own oil changes, you can save yourself some green as well as add to your engine life if you're good about keeping up with it.
I love my Taurus even though sometimes i have to do some repairs to her, she has 265,000 miles on her and she is awesome. I love this car.