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1990 Ford Taurus (1 Review)
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I purchased a 1990 Ford Taurus about 10 years ago, while I was a college student. It had a 128K at the time. They kept telling that the trany would go out soon. We drained all of the tranny fluid. Consequently, it has faithfully performed through the last two years of my university education, hauled my three children to their variuos events, and taken us on various important family events. Apart from having to paint it again, and replacing the CV joints, I have noticed no problems with the drive train. With a total of 228K, I think that it has done an excellent job for a 19 year old car. It proves that if you change the engine oil, and maintain all of the fluids to their correct level, a vehicle can outlast even the best of them. Strangely enough, I can keep up with the Lexus, Jags, and BMW's in the Dallas traffic. I'm sure that they make fun of my car, but who cares. I'm not the one making those big payments. I'm will continue to drive that little Taurus. It has proven to me to be a great car.

D. Candioto
Dallas, TX.