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2000 Ford Ranger (4 Reviews)
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At nearly 218,000 miles the truck has been fantastic. 2.5 liter 4 with a 5 speed transmission. Got the truck used in Feb 2004 with around 73K on it. The previous owner kept it up very well and so we have continued. It's been across half the USA and back with minimal issues. It has always gotten us home or there with no problem. Regular oil changes and trips to the mechanic keep it on the road far cheaper than a car payment. I use it daily and have zero worries heading off on a road trip. I'm just sorry Ford stopped making these great little trucks.
Bought used in 2003, has not had to have any major repairs. The air conditioner pully has been replaced, because it screamed after rusting. The only shot I can take at it is the door lock/unlock switches, well they just always need to be fixed. The Orange color is very rare where I live, I have only seen one Mazda, the sister truck in the same color. It is very noticeable.
2000 XLT 4x4 sport-Ford made these trucks nice!Strong,and dependable.Mine has over 100.000 miles and uses no oil.I have had very little done to it so far.GOOD TRUCK! ! !
I love my no frills 2000 Ranger. Just shy of 100K miles,nothing beats it for dependability. I travel for my job almost exclusively by air so this is my airport utility truck. It's always great to see it there in the parking lot after a long trip! Terrific to have for light hauling. At times I'm the most popular guy in the neighborhood as I loan it frequently to friends. Every man should have a truck and my little no frills Ranger is my third (and favorite) one. It's terrific. Bought it used 4 years ago and $0 have gone to repairs.