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1998 Ford Ranger (6 Reviews)
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I own a 98 ranger extended cab stepside 4x4 xlt it has the 3.0 with 200,000 miles and still runs like a champ. but recently just found out rear leaf spring bracket broke and poked a hole in the bed and that is the only problem I have had. I would recommend this truck to anyone.
A week ago I would have given my truck a 4 star rating across the board. I bought it in '02 and it now has 157,000 fairly trouble free miles. Only money I put into this truck was an alternator and basic wear outs such as tires and brakes.

But last week I took my truck into my mechanic to replace squeaky leaf spring bushing, they were driving me nuts. He called me in to have a look and to my horror I saw 2 leaf springs that were completely rusted out, one actually detached. Considering I had just pulled our pop-up 200 miles at 65 MPH it was clear that I could have been killed. Mechanic said this is a problem with Rangers, apparently the design leads to mud caking above the springs and the moisture eventually causes this much corrosion.

If you are looking to buy one used, and I may be doing just that as I can't afford the Japanese alternatives, look very closely underneath.
extremely great truck im the third owner of mine truck can handle every thing i throw at it ive hualed 9 tuns with it
I have a 98 Ford Ranger, 5 speed MT. When first started, the engine runs fine, but after the engine heats up a bit, it will peg out. This is really noticeable when at a stop light with the clutch depressed. It will run at max RPM's for a while and then suddenly drop off to nornmal. Once the light turns green though, the trouble returns. The only recourse I have is to put it in 5th gear and almost bog the engine down. I've replaced every vacuum related part, springs and even adjusted the idle to as low as I could get and still maintain the engine running.. I have been told that the Fan clutch is failing and should replace it, but this couldn't be the problem, could it?
Bullet proof. 161k miles and original clutch. 24mpg. burns no oil. Broken leaf spring, drive shaft harmonizer,and air flow sensor is all that has broken. Awesome truck!
I like my 2wd ranger and feel like it will go anywhere, except MUD and SNOW. there is no positrac, or limited slip type of engineering so you will spin and spin. BUT summer time, Hauling, towing, and camping at the lake... PERFECT. Mine even used to pull a small gooseneck goat/pig/sheep trailer.