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1996 Ford Ranger (5 Reviews)
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This is 2013 and I've got a 1996 Ranger with 98,000 miles on my ranger that I purchased new. I'm a very easy driver and fix things on the spot without fail, when it's time to be serviced it gets it. it has been garaged many years and I've found that it's a heap of rust especially from the mid point of the body and frame back to the tailgate. I've put bearings, calipers, disks, lines, hoses master cylinder and spindles on this truck twice once at 15000 and then at 75000 miles. The drivetrain is so as long as you have a long ramp to shoot down to get on the interstate. The Wipers, warning chimes, radio come on and go off anytime without me doing anything,. The radio button does not shut off and the fan switch only works in the high setting. The air conditioner was serviced twice replacing more then half of the parts, and it stopped totally at 69,000 miles. I've replaced the entire power steering system. Now the engine check light is on and the fuel neck is cracked from age. I've used FORD Dealers on at least 75% of the time and always use new parts. I pray that the neighbors tree would fall on it so the insurance would get me something better. Truly this is a (F)ound (O)n (R)oad (D)ead
I bought a '96 3 ltr super cab ranger with about 170,000kms on it. Ran great, One problem with the wipers, they just start up on their own, especially in hot weather. Also an issue with washboard. Nearly had a head on with a grader at a highway bridge repair site. Like one of the other reviews, it was like the back end just jumped sideways! But alas I ran it out of oil and siezed the engine. Some rust, windshield is cracked and 4 tires needed, so its scrapped! I'm still in grief over it. I'm looking at an '04 with a 4 liter, but would prefer a smaller engine. Hard to find here. I'm not from Californis, but Manitoba Canada. It was the only zip code I knew! ha
I have a 1996 Ford Ranger with 251,000 miles. Had it for about ten years now and had to replace the engine about 30k miles ago. Besides that, nothing but normal maintenance has been done to the truck. I have added aftermarket lights in the front and rear and that's about it. It is a great truck that gets me about 26 mpg. I work for a Chevrolet dealership and would buy any Ford Ranger over a Chevy because of it's durablity, great looks, and it's a fun truck to drive. Well, unless you're going up a steep hill.
I have 250,000 hard miles on my Ranger and it is still going strong. I had to replace the transmission after I had Jiffy Lube "force flush" it. Jiffy Lube never admitted any responsibility. Many knowledgeable Air-conditioning people have stopped "force flushing".
It is a bit under-powered especially when climbing significant grades.
90% of the driving has been in Los Angeles with biannual trips to Lake Tahoe.
It still gets 17 to 20 MPG.