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1995 Ford Ranger (6 Reviews)
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I have a 1995 ford ranger that we bought about 8 years ago, and it now has around 260,000 miles. It has been running fine, but lately I cannot get it out of park if the truck id running, but in a certain key position when the truck is off it will shift fine but wont start. Does anyone know of what i need to replace to fix this problem? Already tried the ignition switch and there was no luck there. Any suggestions are appreciated.
This truck was my 16th birthday present. So far my father has been adding parts to it to give it more of a teen look. I have added new rims, a fin, dual exhausts, and i am thinking of adding a hood scoop. If anyone has any ideas for this truck please contact me through e-mail.
After 15 years of owning a 1995 ranger that I bought new, I just got a new 2010 ranger. I never even bothered to look at any other type of car or truck because there was nothing better then my 95 ranger. One hell of a truck, never let me sit. Many folks I work with also are proud owner's of ranger's, there bulletproof, and you can run the hell out of them!
95 Ranger 3.0L V6 Splash: This was my 16th birthday present (yes, I was that guy). I'm in my 30s now, and I just drove that same truck to and from work. 16 years and 240,000 miles later, and she turns over every single time. Over those years, I've replaced the master cylinder, alternator, radiator, in addition to standard maintenance (tires, brakes, belt, shocks, etc). The transmission is slowly dying, but I'm busting my hump to keep it anyway. Say what you want about toyota cars, I'd trust a Ranger over any of them any day. Not the most comfy ride, not the best mileage all the time, and not a heavy duty truck, but you can do most of the maintenance on it yourself (unlike those fancy foreign cars), and it won't let you down. I've even been in a couple of decent collisions with it (when I was young) and never had to replace anything that wasn't crushed in the crash. It kept me and my passengers very safe every time - only some seatbelt bruising. I will say - at some point, the A/C will go out because of a poorly designed blend door axle (there's a free easy fix online), and cat. converters are expensive to replace on my model. Also, northern owners will eventually need to replace some undercarraiage parts, but that's typical. Finally, there have been a couple of electrical shorts that caused the dome light and chime to run (I just snipped the appropriate wire in the door), and I had to repair both power window motors at some point. However, when you compare those costs to the costs of new car payments or foreign repair jobs, the truck wins every time. Frankly, I think everyone should own this truck.
I've got a 1995 Ford Ranger 4x4 ext cab w/4.0 6cyl, I love it it has 169000 miles and run's great,the only problems i've had were leaf spring brackets rusting out,and had to replace the gas tank filler hose,the bodys in great shape beside's some small door dings from moron's parking to close,I'll give it a 10+,oh ya it's a fast little truck too it's got the Mazda zoom zoom motor!!
1995 XLT 4x4 SWB. 14 years and 146,000 miles and runs great. There have been minor repairs and maintenance items and 1 transmission rebuilt for $1200 (or 3 car payments) but has been great overall. I have used it to pull my travel trailer around the country with no problems. Check my website and you'll see. ( plan on keeping it for at least another 10 years. It has stood up well to winters in the Northeast. AC blows cold, everything works still. It is nothing fancy but solid and reliable. I have trusted it to carry me and my travel trailer around the country, traveling daily and not spending every day in an RV park.

The paint is still good and I get still get a lot of compliments on it. This gray one is not mine. Not sure how to change it yet.