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1994 Ford Ranger (9 Reviews)
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I've owned many cars, mostly German, and a few trucks. My first Ranger was a bare bones 94 Reg cab with 5 speed manual and the little 2.3L 4 cylinder. Too little power and felt like a tin can to drive in. Soon sold it and now have a 94 Supercab XLT 4x4 with the 4.0 OHV. Great truck, weak point is the auto locking front hubs that are prone to fail. I upgraded to manual locking ones. The 4x4 version feels like driving a luxury car compared to the base model economy version reg cab 2.3. So far installed a bed tonneau cover and a 5 channel amp, 12" sub and new HU stereo. Everything is great on it except I'd like to have cruise control and powered locks since I installed an alarm with remote for that option. Gas mileage isn't bad with the 4.0 if you keep your foot away from the floor. I average about 20 mpg with city/hwy combined. It could use rear disc brakes, but I understand you can do a swap with an Explorer for that. Also recommend replacing the front ball joints if a lot of miles on them. Also no ignition cap n rotor to worry about replacing since it has a DIS (distributorless ignition system with coil pack).
Additionally I was surprised the AC still worked. I just did a DIY can of R134 and it's blowing cold again. And the heater works very well. I never have to turn it up more than at halfway point, and I live were it snow and gets in the 20s at times in the winter. I thought the water pump was failing, but a new thermostat and coolant stop leak additive did the trick. New parts are easy to find and very affordable. Not something I could brag about with my previous German made cars.
I have replaced the alternator, batterie and starter and the only way can start it is by jumping it off. I am not sure what can be the problem.
my 1994 ranger is my first vehicle and is easy to repair. it's very fun to drive, and the 4 wheel drive works perfectly. it's good to drive in the city and rural areas. the a/c does not work, but the heater always does, although there is not muck airflow coming out of the vents. otherwise, i love it and it's the only vehicle i want to drive. it has 200,87 miles on the odometer and is still going strong. i hope to drive it for a long time.
Just got my ranger 2 weeks ago, love it. My first new truck was a 94 ranger reg cab, 4cyl 5sp, this 1 is a 4.0 5sp ext cab.
Just put a waterpump on yesterday, not a bad job, runs great for the mileage, 210,710 miles. Got a few things i need 2 do 2 make better, fix leak in rear of cab, take old tint off windows, etc. Overall it's an awesome truck and hope it lasts a long time
my ranger has 307,765 miles on it and purrs like a kitten. What a machine
I own the 2.3L 5 sp stripped down model, Mine sat for a few years and I had to replace the seals on the tranmission, but it otherwise has had no problems since. I put 20K miles on it in about the first 8 months.

Parts are fairly priced, and I have yet to find anything that is difficult to get to, I got ahold of a turbo coupe engine to put in it. I couldnt really ask for something more simple and reliable.

No rust problems,
at 160K miles I replaced the serpentine belt, took all of 5 minutes, transmission can come out in about an hour and a half for clutch replacement. Brake caliper went out recently but at 165K miles, something is bound to go, it was only about 20 dollars to replace that.

Did I mention I get 28+ MPG out of mine?

The perfect first time, or small truck for anyone.
I own a 1994 Ford Ranger XLT extended cab. i bught it in 1999 with 110k miles on it. i'm the 4th owner so i cant say how the other three drove it, after 50k miles i had to replace clutch and tranny. at 200k the catalytic converter split down the seam so i had to replace it also. i've gottin almost 300k miles on the original motor. i call it my MPDR (multi purpose danger ranger) . most reliable truck i've ever driven. i would recommend this truck to anyone that is looking for dependabilty.
I purchased the 1994 Ranger XLT Super Cab 4.0 4x4, used, at a year old. Best truck or car I have ever owned. Very reliable. The first 13 years I've owned the Ranger I only had to replace the water pump, brakes, tires and battery. I owned this truck for 15 years and it always started. It never let me down. This 94 Ranger was the best rated pickup in Consumer Reports back in 1995. I am very happy with my Ranger.
This truck was damn near bullet proof. I kept up with the oil and coolant changes and air filters it never had any problems. I had the 3.0L V6 with the automatic transmission... it felt a little underpowered but it was dependable. It always had that power steering whine but my old Taurus did too. I sold it with 190,000 miles on the clock and it was still going strong, passed smog no problem when sold.