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1992 Ford Ranger owners review and rate their 1992 Ford Ranger.

1992 Ford Ranger (4 Reviews)
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I have a 1992 ford ranger bought new, I am the original owner. It has 155000 miles on it and has been extremely dependable. Don`t think i will ever sell it.
I have a 1992 ranger that I bought back in 1994 with about 65,000miles. It now has approx 326,000 miles on a 2.3L 4cyl engine. The best ford product I've ever owned..Great little truck.

Replaced 2 alternators, 1 starter, a couple of clutches, couple of tune-up's and I recently replaced the body cab mounts. You would never tell that this little guy has over 300,000miles because it rides very smooth and is solid as a rock. Paint is getting some what faded but other than that, it's a great little pickup. I drive this little guy every day to and from work.

I'm getting ready to do another tune-up very soon.

still doesn't burn a bit of oil. It's amazing! I've been using full syntetic oil for the last 3 years as well.

Highly recommended! I've heard that these pickups have gone as far as 1 million miles on these engines...simply amazing!

I've had this truck since 1996 with 43,505 miles at the time. Now it has over 283,000 miles on the original 2.3 Liter engine. I've had the manual tranny overhauled at about 220,000 miles in 2003 and it's been taking a licking and keep on ticking. Never could get the A/C system up 100 percent but the heater puts out great heat. In my book, Ford rocks. This truck is one tough cookie. I've only had to replace parts on it for normal wear and tear like the starter five years ago, the alternator two years ago, water pump two years ago, radiator four years ago and heater core about three years ago. I have no complaints about it. I'm glad I bought a Ford. Can't beat 'em in my opinion.
i have a 1992 ford ranger 3.0L automactic and the number 3 injector is not firing what can i do to make it fire