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1990 Ford Ranger owners review and rate their 1990 Ford Ranger.

1990 Ford Ranger (6 Reviews)
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well i've not had much trouble with mine at all in the last 6 yrs, gave $100.00 for it when i bought it, and been good to me since :)
Great junk hauler! wish it was more reliable...
Currently very happy with my little ranger nothing special paint is on the rather sad side but motor and tranny are excellent the truck currently has 197000 miles on it but to drive it you would not know it. I have had only one problem with the truck and that was the dam squirels eating up some of the wiring in which was a hell of a stunt but it lives on!!!
I bought my 1990 Ranger in 2009, in Columbus, IN for $1000. It's a bit of a rust bucket, but runs INCREDIBLY smooth, even on the highway. Honestly, it's the best value vehicle I've ever owned (and the other car is an Infiniti!).

I've spent less than $500 in repairs/upgrades in the 1.5 years I've been driving it, but know fully well it's an OLD TRUCK. Still...I'd buy it again in a heartbeat, and plan to do so via craigslist when this one konks out.
changed the motor in my ford ranger almost done with it but the gas line is confusing a weird bracket that holds the line together is holding me up any one kno a way to seperate the lines????
Good little truck with a big heart.I pulled a 28 ft trailer with it for 10 yrs haulin scrap metals does a wonderful job still.