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2003 Ford Mustang (4 Reviews)
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I purchased my 03 mustang v6 coupe in 04 with 24000 miles now has 163000 on it and runs like a dream I have replaced the tranny once but was my fault so replaced with t5 from ford racing I have no complaints about this car and is still considered my baby. It has the pony package so basicly its a GT with a v6 also did not like the handling when I bought the car so changed the rims to 17x9.5 car now handles like it is on rails apparently the suspension setup on the 03 works great with wider rims and tires, have modified it and unmodified it many times over the years. including supercharger kit heads have been shaved a bit aluminum flywheel and so fourth the car actually still has the same battery in it from the factory I love this car and will never get rid of it just goes to show exactly what kind of cars ford is producing
p.s this car has in no way ever been babied and will not be anytime soon
there are times when I can not take the key out the ignition HELP has any one had this problem ? thanks
i bought my stang in 2006. it had 40,000 miles on it. this is my second stang. it has never failed to start. it a hell of a car except for the brakes. i have had to replace the brakes and i mean rotors, callipers, hoses all of it about twice a yr. im getting ready to get rid of it cause of this. its bankrupted me over this issue. now when i turn the wheel it squeeks so i assume something with the tie rods or what have you are bad. replaced the clutch at 120,000. replaced alt and battery at 130,000. on second set or tires which are very expensive. had to replace exhaust and convertor at 140,000. that was some major money. now the car is bucking and jerking. had it looked at and they cant seem to find what is wrong with it. bought fuel line clean out but it didnt help. its going up for sale. cant deal with all the money issues any longer.
They don't make them like they used to! My 2003 Convertible Mustang looks VERY nice, and runs somewhat ok! I give it a 5 out of 10 rating...I am a Auto Repair Shop Manager with about 12 years in the business...I have not seen many major repairs to any Mustang engines, and thats why I bought my stang! I must say I have the NER ZERO PERILLI tires and HATE THEM! Designed for Mustangs, it backs up Fords poor quality! I have had to replace exhaust manifolds right away (55,000 miles) I work at a Econo Lube N' Tune & Brakes in Broomfield Colorado 80020, and only use Top of the line products in my car...Just broke 90,000 so I better keep up the maintenance or I will be paying car payments and paying for repairs (THANK GOD I only pay for parts aand do the work myself!) Either way you look at it the FORD TOUGH moto does NOT apply to newer Mustangs...Its fun to drive (only in summertime), but handles poor! I also had electrical issues with brake switch...whats next?