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2002 Ford Mustang (3 Reviews)
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I have a 2002 V6 Convertible that looks really nice and runs pretty well.
I picked it up as a used car, with 40,000 miles on it so the paint has a few chips here and there but overall, still shines.
In hot weather, as I come to a stop, the engine will "shudder" a bit at times and then settle down; I don't know why yet.
Acceleration is acceptable from a rolling 20; off the line ... not impressive.
For the thrill of top-down summertime driving this car is perfect.
For the "wow" factor, image-wise, people comment all the time.
I'm glad I bought it; great fun to own & drive.
My 2002 was PERFECT until about 1 year ago...I started having problems with my car dying so we replaced the battery and alternator each about 2 times in a 3-4 month does OK as long as I don't run the heater or AC (when I do so, it draws too much power and at stop lights the car starts to die)...also can't really drive at night because using the lights causes the same problem...anyone know what causes this?
Solid performer all around with some irritating issues. Driver's side window has never fit properly. The headlight covers fill with water and have clouded over, which is not good. I think I am going to need new shocks and struts soon, but not sure. The convertible top leaks at the glass rear window, which must be replaced entirely to fix any leaks -- to the tune of over 400 dollars (in N. VA). Aside from being underpowered ... the engine needs the oil changed and that is about it for 60K miles, so far. Brakes wear out quickly, but that might just be stop and go traffic in metropolitan area. This is a reliable car that is basically well made that is fun to drive and gets around in all contintions. I will buy a new one soon.