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2001 Ford Mustang (4 Reviews)
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Decent so far 140000 miles and I just changed the exhaust manifold thinking it was cracked but loose bolt and the manifold that was in, was still the stock dealer ships and looked brand new gasket was shot but 14 year old manifold looked brand new I like it keep up on maintainer though
I bought my 01 back in feb 04 45000 miles .99800 miles now It is a alright Car i wanted the GT model due to the bigger engine slightly better suspension. In some ways i am wishing i did .

the suspension is alright for my Tastes Even with 29 MM anti Sway bar in the front and a 25 mm in the back the car rides stiffer

The engine is solid. no denying it. its easy to work on. it produces enough HP They say 194 hp stock. It will spin the tires without a line lock to help it along. it will get it to 100+ pretty quickly. easy to mod its only 70 ish hp off from the v8 add a few mods dyno it your on par with the v8. Only thing I have a complaint about. The car is a complete dog with the ac on. don't expect to take off fast when you use it.

The exhaust manifolds will break They are cheap and break at the welds. Then removing them is a chore. studs are the best.. break em you mind as well bring it to a mechanic. if yours didnt break You are extremely Lucky . I replaced mine with 1998 3.8 Oem fit headers fit like a glove. IT is also a known Defect in the car itself..

only things i had to replace are 2 calipers 2 rotors and 1 sets of pads new struts. oil changes tires . one batt. so the Car over all is Extremely reliable. The brake issue was my fault the brake fluid was burning up due to the manifold being cracked and Blowing the exhaust heat on the master cyl. made my fluid go bad and was freezing my calipers.

Rock solid car reliable Decent gas mileage if you buy one make sure it had Only 1 owner..
I have had my V6 stang for 4 1/2 years. I bought it used and have had to replace the alternator and the engine just went out. It has 104k miles, but I think the engine problem was my fault for not keeping up with maintenance. I love the car and am going to fix it.
This is my third Mustang and I love it. The 2001, that is. I bought it brand new with 11 miles on it. It has been very reliable for me. The color is clear coat Red.