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1998 Ford Mustang (9 Reviews)
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I have owned my 98 v6 for 4 years now. ( this car has been passed down to me from family) I am very pleased with it. Car is deff not the fastest. fun to drive. obviously not that great in the snow. had the break master cylinder go out on me while on the highway @ 145k miles( very scary) Thanks to the manual i was able to slow it down by down shifting. replaced clutch at 130K miles ( from stock). The car is fairly easy to work on. All in all i have had very good luck with this car it now has 180K miles and i do regular preventative maintenance on it and it has treated me well. going to be very hard to part with it, if i am ever able to.
I am the proud owner of a 180k mile GT. I bought it in 2004 with 75k miles, and haven't looked back. It was a 1 owner car with complete service history and an over-protective Owner (My favorite). Unfortunately '98 was the las year before the "PI" engines came out, so it is a little lacking in power. However, the 5-speed gearbox makes up for it. 1st is geared low enough to hit the "sweet spot" quickly, and yet 5th is geared low enough to cruise on the highway at 60MPH and 1500RPM (or 80MPH @ 2000RPM if you are interested). Typical of the SN-95 mustangs, they ride a little high, but with some experience, turn in and the ride quality can be managed with throttle control. Unfortunately at high speeds (120MPH+) the front end tends to float badly, but lowering and a more aerodynamic bodykit, etc. can assist this... Although who really needs to go that fast (ducks head). The Intake manifold must be replaced due to the coolant crossover being plastic and cracking/leaking into the spark plug holes, but this is a fairly inexpensive replacement, and the perfect opportunity to replace the Idle Air Control, and anything else you want to replace that just wears over time (and you want to preventatively replace). Brakes are strong, and with high quality pads, and downshifting assist can stop "on a dime". The headlights do "fog" badly, and are very dim, but for a couple hundred bucks and an hour or so free time, and you can replace them with high visibility aftermarket lenses which are ALWAYS an excellent upgrade in any vehicle (especially when over 10 yrs old). The heat is scalding, and the air is Freezing... not much more to say about that. Many people prefer to replace the exhaust to get rid of the ridiculously large amount of heat shields, and to improve sound quality, but even if you can't afford it, this vehicles stainless steel exhaust has a nice soft rumble at idle that amplifies several decibels under acceleration. It is a thoroughly enjoyable car, fun to drive, still turns heads, and above all, is VERY inexpensive ranging from $4,000-$7,000 in my area depending on mileage, and aftermarket improvements. (P.S. - Did I mention I AVERAGE 22MPG with a '98 muscle car?)
Fun car to drive. As original owner of 12 year vehicle with 75k miles on it, very little in the way of problems or repair. Kept up with maintenance schedule throughout the years and it has paid off in spades. Car is in mint condition and drives like a dream. Will have a difficult time parting with it if ever forced to. Will try to avoid that but dont have the luxury of storing it.
This is a Great car. 12 years old and has the original headlights. 150,000 miles and the only things I've replaced are the battery(once), tires, fluids and filters and the serpentine belt. If the new ones are this good I'd buy one tomorrow.
My review might be a little off, as I am at least the 5th owner of mine. The car is great, looks great, runs great...when it runs!
I have had all sorts of issues. Fuel pump went out on me, and I found out a previous owner in 2004 had the same problem. The lights are terrible, have to always have the brights on to see...and I have aftermarket headlights, Impossible to aim the properly. I am currently having electrical issues. Already had to have the transmission rebuilt and clutch replaced.
Like I said, many previous owners, thing has had a beating and I have been left to repair it all. Worst thing to happen to me, I am forever turned off to Fords.
I love this car, of course I own one so I may be a little prejudiced when it comes to this car! :-)
Love it
I love the Mustang. The 94-98 are one of my favorite body styles, but I love 'em all!!!
Cheaply made interiors, but freakin' fast! Cool body.