2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid Reviews and Owner Comments

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid owners review and rate their 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid.

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid (4 Reviews)
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100000 Km and no troubles, quiet and smooth riding car, the best car I have ever owned
Went on a trip to sc on the way down the motor stayed running for over 300 miles without letting the electric kick in now it seems the motor engages all the time. been to some ford dealers some don't know how to fix it. Any ideas what is wrong
outstanding car 60,000 miles the car has been flawless.
2010 fusion hybrid. great fuel millage best car i have ever owned! no more honda's for me. the cost of ownership is the lowest. insurance was cheap, fuel milage great, no repairs. the breaks are still like new! fit and finish is very nice. im still asked about this car by strangers in passing. do I like it? yes i say. when i test drove a prius and then the fusion hands down a better built car. great on long trips nice seats wont hurt your back on a long ride! ford has done a great job!
im working on trying to get a 2013 fusion hybrid as i keep this one as the 2nd car. just flawless in every respect.
My Four Fusion Hybrid fuel milage aveage 38.5 On longer trips I get 41+ mpg. Saves me lots of money at the pump. Fun to drive and a great sound system. Lots of room I like the sync on it. Easy to check oil and other things under the hood. The heating and A/C is good but I think they should have put duct work going to the back seats to make the car heating and A/C more even in the car.
Ford has a great product.