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2011 Ford Fusion (3 Reviews)
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This is my second Ford. The first was an explorer that had many wheel bearing problems. Now I have a 2012 Fusion and was just told at the dealer I need a front right wheel bearing. (47000 miles)The mechanic at the dealer told me they have problems because there is a mix of aluminum parts.
The Also rides rough over any small bumps.
I purchased my 2011 Ford Fusion SE new in March 2011 and have been happy with the purchase (it is now December 2013). I previously owned a Lexus and of course the Fusion is not as nice inside as the Lexus. I have not had any problems with the car and have had all of the maintenance performed as scheduled. The cheep interior finishes are really my only complaint. The technology is great (Sync) and I have not had any problems with it.
I am sitting at the ford dealer right now getting my 30000 mile service and I would recommend going somewhere other than the dealer for service. I have been disappointed with the prices they charge which is the whole reason I am visiting this sight.
- To start with, I am from the UAE, so the entered zip code is only there because it was requested by the site.
- Brakes keeps squaking and jettering despite three times servicing.
- The cruse control keeps the car in low gear for a long time causing the engine to over rev. I explained this to maintenance people with no response. Even offered to help working on.
- In congested trafic or over speed bumps, the transmission keeps shifting gears prematurly. A very annoying thing.
- There is a noise that comes from the heater/ AC zone when reversing the car.
- Finally, the 10000 km service cycle is too much and I, as well as other owners, believe that this is going to adversly affect our cars performance in the long run. Ford should put aside maintenance cost saving in the interest of better long run performance of the car even if ford has to increase the initial cost a little.