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2010 Ford Fusion (7 Reviews)
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I bought my Fusion SE new in '09 put over 130,000 miles with no mechanical problems I love this car. The 4 cyl is peppy came with updated Sirius satellite for 6 months rides smooth and very quick gets good gas mileage 32 mpg. It is comfortable very roomy it handles well with the AWD trunk space is bigger taking long trips. Love my Fusion this was the first Ford ever owned after driving Hondas and Toyotas for a long time decided give Ford a try even loving sync system it's best a nice gorgeous looking car.
I adore my 2010 Fusion. Bought her used and she is amazing.
Computer chip controlling throttle went nuts 2 weeks after buying it 4/2013. It took a month of fighting with CarMax Ford and two Ford repair shops to get it fixed. Seems there was a recall in 2013, but prior owner did nothing about it. Check with Ford directly to see if your model has had a recall.The 4cyl. has had the most problems.
I was loving my 2010 Fusion and I just passed my 36 months and the problems started. My battery died. My alternator needed to replaced. I cannot believe the timing. I have no warranty now and need to shell out over $500 for the fix :-(.
I bought Fusion in December 2010. Since then I had to go to Fairway Ford Greenville SC (they are great to work with) for
recall - turned out good
Door handle drivers side broke needed to be replaced
Door handle passengers side broke needed to be replaced
New battery bought in NC had to wait 2 months to get my money back.
Back up light gone out drivers side.
Each time I have to go Ford place I have to leave my car and they
only transport me back to work so I have to get someone to take me after work to get my car. This is my first time buying car other than Nissan and Toyota and it has not been good. It is real sad 2 year old car falling apart.
The heater fan makes an irritating noise, had it fixed and it is now doing it again after the warranty is off.
The transmission went out and right after that was fixed the relay went out and the car would not start and that cost us $240.00. Don't feel confident about driving this 2010 Ford Fusion anymore.
Just purchased a Ford Fusion two weeks ago. The first day of ownership I took a trip across town, about 45 miles. After 30 min. of eway speed a trouble light comes on, a wrench symbol. Turns out it's a transmission problem, trouble codes P1744 & P0741. Now my car has been at the dealer for a week. They say it's the torque converter. What a new car experience, 280 miles and now I get to watch them tear my trans apart.