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2006 Ford Freestar (7 Reviews)
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I have a 2006 Ford Freestar #3 cylinder is misfiring Is What The Code
Reader Is telling me and the Engine light is on

Cowboy Carl
La camioneta FreeStar del 2006, ella prendia,un dia se tuvo que auxiliarla por la bateria que estaba danada, y ahora no prende la camioneta, no hace nada de sonido al pasar el swich. Que podra ser????
No you do not need to lift the engine! You need to remove the plastic cowl below the windshield to get your hand behind the engine..
Yo tengo ford freestar 2006, version basica. actualmente con 65000km. considero esta camioneta una de las mejores, hasta el momento ninguna falla. solamente se han dado sus servicios. es muy confiable.
I need a minor tun-up. Is it true that I need the engine to be lifted to replace spark plugs and the connectors?
i bout this car with 75000mils
I bought this car brand new and so far i have only minimum problems with this vehicle currently I have 84000 miles on it and it is starting to show a little fatigued check engine light came on a feww days ago so i am doing research on the problem leaning toward something very simple.