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2005 Ford Freestar (8 Reviews)
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my 2005 ford freestar is corroded with rust behind drivers side tire and there is a steel metal part that is falling apart from corrosion. nits a nightmare!
Bought the van when it was a year old. It now has a 120,000 miles. Besides the usual maintenance it's been a great vehicle. Road noise has been always a bit loud although tolerable. Great roadtrip vehicle and great for hauling stuff for home projects.
From Ontario, Canada OWNERS BEWARE Transaxle converter needed replacing along with complete rebuild after the transaxle switched from Drive to Reverse with no request from the drivers position. No code on dash. The vehicle was accelerating normally away from a stoplight up to 20-30 kilometers per hour when the following occurred simualtaneously: the engine rpm increased, heard and felt the passenger front tire spinnig and squealing, forward motion slowing, vehicle moving slightly to the left and slightly rearward then I felt the torque converter shaft fail, vehicle continued coasting forward until I pulled into a safe area off of the roadway. The recall for possible torque converter shaft failure may address the result but not the cause of the problem. The problem is with the electronic control system that shift these transaxles. Some owners have had transaxle rebuilds three times. Why would this continue to be a transaxle torque converter shaft failure problem? Feel free to comment.
best van ever got it in 2008 for $6000 and had 65,000 miles and now got over 205,000 miles and still runs great i love it i am a ford guy so that is why i bought it and will buy another when and if this one goes they run great if you take care of them do oil changes when needed check every thing and it is a great van love it !!!
This van had 80,000 miles on it when i purchased it. It now has over 115,000 and still runs great and rides very well. I have a drive train engine trans etc. good till 180,000 miles and i'm going to see if it makes it. at the moment it is great.
stay away from this mini van we have had a year and the brain box has been replaced two times. within 4 months. The cause was water getting into the box because of factory defect that they are not doing a recall for. you will be out going down the street and all of a sudden the car stops spits and sputters like bad gas. you will get 3 or 4 codes from the computer but after all the money i spent 700.00 ford finally fixed the problem no charge, but i am out $700 i paid out in the first pace. they refuse to replace my money.. WHEN THE PCM OR BRAIN BOX GETS WET IT BURNS IT UP. STAY AWAY FROM A FORD.
My wife bought this vehicle in January of 2009 with 48,000 miles on it. We have had nothing but trouble with it. Brake seals went out, check engine light constantly comes on for something. I am now trying to figure out what the flashing check engine light means after putting new plugs and wires on it. It jerks and jumps all the time. I really regret her buying this piece of junk ford.
STAY AWAY FROM THIS VEHICLE! At under 50k miles the transmission went out without warning. Luckily we were only a couple miles away from home at the time. This is a common problem with this van. Don't believe me, search for Ford Freestar forums on the internet. Now, 10k miles later the engine runs like crap. The dealership told me plugs and wires were needed. Look at "LoveDrivin's" post. Tuneups at 100k miles. So why do they tell me I need plugs and wires at less than 60k. There is also a problem (supposedly) with the EVAP cannister. They wanted to charge $280 to change that. All these problems with a vehicle under 100k miles. I am getting it fix and getting rid of it. There is a reason Ford quit making mini-vans I guess.