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2014 Ford Focus (3 Reviews)
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Overall the car is great. I'm less than pleased with the Flexfuel mapping. My 2012 ran extremely well and was not a flexfuel. 2014 engine reminds me of my '84' Wellcraft with the old Chevy "Iron Duke" 4 cylinder engine. I will most likely get a new one (2016?) when SYNC 3 is the tech.
My 2014 Ford Focus is in the shop as we speak. The trunk began to randomly open on the freeway.
My brand new Ford Focus Titanium had to be towed back to the dealership with 250 miles on it. It had to have the clutch replaced with 800 miles on it. It is now back in the shop because it drives terrible. You never know if it going to react to the gas pedal being pushed or if it will roll backwards on a hill. It is an automatic. The transmissions in the 2014 Ford Focus are junk. It skips gears randomly. Ford says all of this is normal. It may be normal to them but check out the reports coming in about this car before you think about spending your hard earned money on one. Ford makes a good car but when I get this one bought back, I will spend the extra 2000.00 to get a Fusion. It has a different transmission in it.