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2001 Ford Focus (10 Reviews)
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My car stop while sitting waiting for a train to pass i pushed in the lighter wated for it to pop out then the car made a thump and quit.Now the dash light up when you turn the ignition key on but it want do anything what should i do or check?
Got my 2001 Focus from coworker with 156300 miles in May of 2013. Very good price, too good to reveal. Now have 169500 miles and only two problems have happened in the last 2 months. #1 the fuel pressure regulator malfunctioned and caused rough running till replaced after some difficulty diagnosing. Ford has none in stock so I pulled one off a junker. Will cost over $100 at Ford. Two days ago my pass. side front window fell out of clamps and broke both of the attaching clips to the actuating cable that attaches to the electric motor. I got the rear clamp/clip from the junkyard and installed but the unit for the front clamp/clip is different. It has two indentations to hold the cable ends. They appear to be very tight and am not sure I will be able to effectuate a repair easily. The car gets 25+ mileage and has the Ztec eng and is plenty peppy for me and I am not known for not keeping up. LOL>! Also replaced the tailgate struts, spark plugs and 2 bulbs. Been a Ford fan since 1948 when my folks moved from Philly to Kalamazoo in a 1929 Model A 4dr. sedan. Neat Huh?
244,000 miles on my 2001 ford focus wagon and still going.
I purchased this car new and loved how it drove and handled as well as the utility it offered (hatchback). There were too many recalls (7 or 9). The front suspension got noisy around 30K and was repaired under warranty - struts and links. One front spring broke and was replaced under a corrosion recall. The engine starved for fuel when the gas tank was under 1/4. There was a 10 year service program to replace the fuel pump but I did not do this in time and the fuel pump stopped working after the car sat a few months. By this time the car was 12 years old and was due for a timing belt replacement. It also had a leaky oil pan. I did not want to spend that much on a 12 year old car, so I junked it.

I drove it 111K miles and only spent $400 on repairs (rear wheel bearing, battery and front rotors). All other parts were original, even the brake pads! For this reason, I was not unhappy but feel there were too many recalls and quality issues.
I bought my 2001 ford focus new. It has been a thorn in my side. It only has 60 thousand miles. The steering is bad, I have had BOTH ty-rods break while driving the car, the front coil also broke while driving the car. The radio comes on and goes off at will. When you try to turn the radio up it goes to zero ,when you try to turn it down,it goes to 16 or goes off. My 1600,00 dollar NEW car has cost me about 4500.00 to repair. The last time I took it in ,it was almost 300 dollars,and the mechanic told me the trans is going. FORD stands for FIX OR REPAIR DAILY. I would not recommened a ford to anyone,ever.I let people know how when asked.
My 2001 Focus ZTS has 190,000 km on it its ok to drive but I have replaced all of the brakes, brake booster, different sensora all over the car the cat and o2 sensors are shot the lights took a dump, the motor mounts are done the suspention has been replaced ... the list goes on. My old civic was definatly more cost effective.
I have a 2001 ZX3 with 300k on it. i have only had to replace the fule pump, and a motor mount. other than that only normal driving issues. i am a gm girl, but i have to say that ford finally got it right with the small car.
It's not a bad car, its not a great car. I bought it use. Did fine for the first 2 years. And after that things just seemed to go downhill. Luckily No MAJOR repairs but this car is "nickel and dimeing" the death out of me.I've had most of the same "common"repairs such as the resistor pack and brakes. I don't hate the car but if an opportunity presented itself to me to get away from this car - I would in a heart beat.
This is an OK car for commuting. The road noise is terrible and very poor on the acceleration.