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2007 Ford Five Hundred (19 Reviews)
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If my daughter ever buys another Ford car I will hurt her. This car was ok at first but now it's possessed. It does what it wants to. The transmission jerks, it idles on it a own and the lights are a nightmare. Can't drive at night because the lights goes on and off. I really want here to be included in a class action lawsuit against Ford. Ford is a joke but they really need to recall and fix this problem for all Ford 500 owners.
Trading off a Volvo. I just bought a 2007 Five Hundred SEL its beautiful in and out. Never had high repair cost at repair shops only things get (common) brakes they last only 2 months than got get new ones. Recently done oil changed, this car is very gorgeous looking it has all features. Purchased mines with AWD. Interior is top of the line very comfortable seats so quiet driving car. Exterior styling is gorgeous love my car has tons of power available with good options inside of interior no issues. Purchased my Five Hundred in Jan 2015 a good looking car like it better than my 2002 Volvo its a gem owning this car so luxurious at its best.
I love my Ford 500 Limited. I brought it used with 114,00 miles on it. Now 2 years later the only things that I have to replace was the a/c sensor and alternator which was covered by my warranty. It has 155,000 miles on it and still running great. All I can say is to keep up your maintenance up on your car and It will run just fine. Always get your fluids changed at recommended time. It's cheaper in the beginning rather than costly in the end.
bought it new, it now has 230,000 miles. only changed the oil, transmission oil, brakes and tires. best car ever........forget the japanese and germans, get one if you still can. the other reviews are from the germans and japanese dealers.
I bought mine used (was a rental) from dealer. Now has 75000 miles with no problem except rear brakes and rotors at 40000 miles. Only complaint is the lo/Dr position on shifter. I like better control for down shifting on hills.
At 93000 I had to replace the A/C system $1800+labor. Temps in central TX soar in the summer and I guess I'm lucky, I've had the care since Sept 2006. I've recently experienced a cold start problem (visited parents in cold weather region). First time it's ever happened. I found this site by researching the problem. Looks like others have had the same. I can't give this car a negative rating. I've done nothing but change oil/filter since I've owned (original owner). Hope my luck continues.
i have a ford 500 and i replaced the crankshaft sensor and now it wont crank. what did i do wrong?
We bought my wifes car used, and really havent done anything to it except put coolant in the A/C but now she'e having a weired noise come from the driver side. It's hard to explain what it sounds like but it almost sounds like a bearing is going out almost like when water hits your exhuast and its tingling sound is the best way to explain it what could it be?
bought car new 2007 and have had brake problems since 6000 miles and still have them at 80,000. now I have a/c problems like so many other people with the same compressor on thier Ford.
I love my Ford 500! My in-laws love theirs, too! I have over 122,000 miles on mine. I have always taken it to the dealership for its scheduled maintenance. I live in WV and have taken it as far Northeast as Massachusetts, as far south as Florida, as far west as Indianapolis and most points in between. I have had trouble with rear turn signal bulbs burning out seems like too frequently after initial bulbs went out, other than that, normal maintenance! My gas mileage is 24 - 30, depending on terrain, naturally. Again, I love my 500!
i love the look of the car, but sometimes i wonder if it's worth it all.....
We purchased our 2007 Ford 500 used from a local car lot at 55,000 miles. After only a few weeks of driving it, we knew there was something wrong with it. We had an extended warranty and took it back to the service dept. where we bought it from three times only to be told they couldn't replicate my complaints. The car shifts hard, going up hills, starting/stopping, it lunges forward/backward when we leave it in park to idle and then shift into drive/reverse, the rubber shift slider is bunching up now....making it hard to even get into drive. These problems have always been intermittent and even though the dealership where I bought the car finally admitted there was a problem, they couldn't fix it because it didn't show up on the diagnostic machine. They told me that if it was a faulty part, it would eventually give out and I could have it towed back in. Now that I have contacted the car salesman, they are recommending I take it to a transmission shop while we only have 1500 miles left on our warranty. Hopefully we can get something done about it. My advice to anyone with a Ford 500.....get rid of it.....or make sure you have an extended warranty because you will need it. This was my first Ford and will be my last. Too bad Americans are forced to buy products outside of our country because quality and customer service in our own country sucks!
Have had this car to Ford mechanics 2 times for the transmission. They say nothing is wrong. Each time having to pay 100 dollars because warrenty doesn't cover what the mechanics can't find!!....Being a driver of over 30 years...I can tell when something is not right. I finally took the car to a non-ford transmission shop.....they told me the transmission is fine...HOWEVER, because of the engine size (not having enough horsepower for the transmission) the tranny acts like it is racing and takes longer to shift up. Wouldn't have this issue if it had at least 20 more horse power......WOW, if Ford had been able to tell me that I wouldn't have taken it back for another wasted 100 dollar bill.....
Rear right blinker goes out near every 4 months.
Gas mileage sucks! salesman said, "Oh yea, this baby gets 30+ on the highway....we are lucky to get 22 on the highway and 17 in town........more cost effective to drive our FORD expedition.....which has been a mechanical pit too.......
Never gonna buy another ford...... can't afford a ford!!!!
I am extremely worried. I just bought a 2007 five hundred a few weeks ago. Ive put about 500 miles on it so far and already see potential major problems. The gears have trouble shifting around 45 mph and what pisses me off the most are the extreme jumps the car takes when put into drive or reverse. I am already financing this for WAY more than it is worth (I have no credit and had little options) and its our only vehicle. The last thing we need is a $5500 transmission replacement. We most definitely DO NOT have that kind of money. I am afraid I have screwed over my family now. *sob*
I just came back from the ford dealer where i purchasd my
2007 500 three years. Brakes bad again. First time i had 16,000 on my car. Next time i had approx.20,000 miles.This time i have 26,000 all with the same problem.The dealer refuses to do anything about it saying i had been there only
one time about this problem.
Sounds like a cover up to me
1st time they put new rotors and brakes on.
2nd time they turned the rotors and put new brakes and a
wheel bearing on.
3rd time they refused to do anything about it'.
Let's hear about it, how many others are getting the run around.
All withend 26,000 miles.
I have taken Ford to small claims court in British Columbia because of the problems with the rear brakes on my 2007 Ford 500. Although the mechanics at the ford service department state clearly that there has been a problem with the rear brakes and rotors, and Ford has issued an extended warranty on some ford 500 brakes, Ford says the problem was solved by the time my car was built in Chicago.
When the dealer replaced the rear brakes and rotors ($650) they noted on the work order that the problem was caused by undersized rotors. At the settlement hearing (there is always one to try and resolve the problem before it goes to open court) the Ford rep stated that the dealer and his service department were not really Ford so it did not matter what they thought/stated. The judge was NOT IMPRESSED. Anyway we go to trial in a few months. Before then Ford has to provide all warranty and technical notices re the Ford 500 brakes. Does anyone have more experience???
I bought an 07 five hundred in 07 that was a previous rental. It had 16000 miles on it. It was fine for about the first 10000 miles and then we realized we had break problems. We took it to Ford and they replaced the pads and rotors due to the recall. We also mentioned that when the cars RPMs climb from 2-3k it bounces back to 2k and climbs again..kinda like its slipping. The dealer said theres nothing wrong with it. At 50k miles the car started to shift in the rear end when driving over a bump, then the A arm went out. We had it replaced ( costing about $500) then 7 months later it went out again. The motor mount on the top is bad, and a month ago we were on a drive when the car died. We tried to restart it and it wouldnt start. We used a code reader and found out that the fuel rail pressure sensor was bad. We replaced it ( at $105 only available through the dealer) and it drove fine for another 2 months, until we drove it out of state and it did the exact same thing. This time we pulled the battery cables and reset the fuel pump and it started and has been running fine ever since. I know I shouldnt have bought a prior rental, but I had no idea there would be so many problems with a newer car. Not at all happy with the service from ford and probably wont ever buy ford again.
Piece of junk. My first and last Ford. So far, new trans at 25k, bad fuel injector that was bad all along, but the dealer wouldn't fix it because it "didn't blow a code and Ford won't pay for the repair unless it blows a code". I wrote to Ford and they fixed it and returned my deductible from an extended warranty that I bought out of fear. Here it is a year later and the trans is slipping, the tires are cupping, need rear brakes too soon, and the injector is acting up again, and the turn signal is out, just to name a few things. I'm done with Ford. Just like they used to say way back when... Ford means Fix Or Repair Daily!!!!
I love my car so far.