2003 Ford F-350 Super Duty Reviews and Owner Comments

2003 Ford F-350 Super Duty owners review and rate their 2003 Ford F-350 Super Duty.

2003 Ford F-350 Super Duty (3 Reviews)
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As far as the paint or clear coat coming, this problem would be from the factory when painted, the primmer coat might have been bad,clear coat problems is pretty much the same. I have a F350, 2002, 7.3 diesel, I service it with a marine grease every 3,000 miles, I use nothing but a good marquaires marine polish on the clear coat, this adds the oil to the paint or clear from drying out, esp in hot area's, looks new still, pay attention to the hood and top. I use nothing but delo 400 oil, with motorcraft filters which the filter you can get at walmart far cheaper than the ford dealer, use nothing but motorcraft fuel filter. I have 119,000 and just had to replace my starter no problems any kind. the 2003 6.0 were garbage. the weight of the vehile with the V10 or 7.3 is vary heavy,maintance is a must, but wear to the front area is a problem.
Bought new in 2003 with the V 10 to tow my camper during the summer and Used very lightly mostly as a commuter for work (25 mi. a day) 78000 mi
This spring i had to spend $1800.on front end work and rear shocks, new struts ,ball joints,sway bar, tie rods & ends and steering stabilizer.Then another $95 on alignment. When checking the oil mechanic found the dipstick entry in the block had rotted. Looking at that repair it was found that both exhaust manifolds have warped. Now i'm looking at another $2500 repair. Considering this is a heavy duty truck I'm not impressed. Other repairs included replacing all 10 of the coils,and both locking hubs.
Even with washing and waxing on a regular basis the paint in spots is flaking off the rear fenders and bubbles are showing up in another areas.
This is my 4th Ford truck 2 used and 2 new but i don't now if i'd buy another


My first truck was a GM and couldn't wait to get rid of the darn thing. I'm on my second Ford F350. It now has 135000 miles and no problems. Love these trucks. Dependable for the big towing jobs I have to do. Solid and comfortable too. Good sound sytem, comfortable seats. all the amenities. I haul horses almost every weekend. Take a look at the parking at th bigger horse shows and you'll see FORD. Maybe a random Dodge or GM but those of us who depend on our trucks go FORD.