2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty Reviews and Owner Comments

2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty owners review and rate their 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty.

2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty (11 Reviews)
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2008 f250 superduty extended cab xlt 4x4 offroad, 5.4 engine,bought this truck less than a year ago,was great at first,superduty my ass,5.4 engine is totally inadequate for this truck,underpowered is an understatement,with its annoying engine tick on the right side of engine near the firewall,mechanic says its totally normal for the 5.4 triton engine,really!then had a windshield leak on the drivers side,only leaks with a very light rain and sitting still,drips off the grab bar onto the dash onto the a/c vent,it comes and goes.then it felt like engine hesitation when taking off,but discovered it was the left rear brake not releasing,today it stuck and smoke was rolling off the caliper and popping from the heat,parked it till i get the parts to fix it,i only wished i would have come here first before buying it and i never would have,should have kept my ram 1500 megacab
This truck was purchased about 3 years ago .Since this time it has been in the shop every year It has cost on average of about $2400.00 per year.It is never the same thing .Just got out of shop March 6,2015 cost 2213.14 to replace HIGH PRESSURE PUMP HARNESS GASKET ASSY. $323.14 FOR PARTS $1890.00 LABOR
80000 +/- Miles.. Get Rid Of Everthing Related To Emission Control.. Replaced RadiIator, Replaced Door Latches, Replaced Radiator, Replaced Exhaust - Complete, Added Coolant Filter, Replaced Air Box.Lots Of Hard Earned Money Put Into A Unworthy American Made Truck. Not Happy.
I purchased Super Duty FX4 with 19,000 Miles on it. It now has 54,000 miles and a lot of problems. I have had three exhaust sensors replaced, turbo charger replaced, it has a leak in the radiator. It is a diesel 6.4 and gets 9.5 miles MPG. The cleaning filter message is on most of the time. I also get black smoke from exhaust when accelerating. I am going back to a Chevy.
Own a 350 & a250 superduty, both are 2008, both had #3 coil and cylinder problems at around 120,000 miles, my choice is either replace the motors or the block, what junk and a big disapointment
My 08 Superduty has just over 70000 well taken care of miles. Earlier this summer I noticed a radiator leak. $1200.00 for a new radiator. Just after that repair, $350 for a new exhaust probe. Now at 73k I'm told I need new upper and lower ball joints and that my steering box is leaking badly - together another $2500.00. Not to mention that every time I touch the driver's side door handle I get a subtle electrical shock. I shouldn't have traded my 05 Silverado!
I bought it new it has 90,000 miles on it now nothing but problems here are some of the problems. Alot of electrical issues (computer,mileage adds up faster then the distance I travel, wiringharness,fuel pump twice,evap canister,4x4,altanater, exhaust manifold bolts its a v10,catalitic converter,now the starter and the motor mount is in the way to get to the upper bolt bad design. plus it only gets 10 to 12 mpg. all in all I like my truck but will think twice about another new ford this makes the 2nd new one and both have had their issuse
my 6.4 has 51.000 mil on it is very well taken care of it is a 4x4 and a great truck but it has been to dealer for exhaust temp senser problems they replaced 1 senser the first time under warrenty now they tell me its gonna cost me 379 dollars out of my pocket from my understanding these sensers are coverd under the emissions warranty for 100.000 miles
Body is solid with interior giving a real truck feel. Brakes feels very under powered to stop the weight of the truck. lights at night can be much brighter. air conditioning is under powered to cool the cab rapidly, since there are no vents in the rear. this fix came later year models
worst truck I've ever owned,blown motor at 120,000 now may need another at 240,000 The dealer want touch it now. NEVER will I buy another Ford .
Truck rides better than my other car, a G-35 Infiniti. Steering is tight and bumps are absorbed without bounces being felt in the cab. Step/handle in tailgate is fabulous. Only complaint is mpg, so far with a little over 1,000 miles on the truck, its doing 12mpg. I'm hoping for an improvement as I put more miles on the truck.