2004 Ford F-250 Super Duty Reviews and Owner Comments

2004 Ford F-250 Super Duty owners review and rate their 2004 Ford F-250 Super Duty.

2004 Ford F-250 Super Duty (6 Reviews)
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there will never be another ford at my house a pile of junk I spend at lease 1000. a week then aaa brings it back to my home I have to much invested to trade or sale
Purchased a 2004 F-250 Super Duty Lariat crew cab in July 2009 to start hotshot hauling. The truck had one bad injector when purchased at 117,000 miles. I replaced injector, pulled a 30 foot gooseneck trailer all over the U.S. hauling freight. At 245,000 oil cooler replaced. Truck now has 356,000 without any major problems.Oil changed every 5,000 miles fuel filters at 15,000. One transmission filter change. Three alternators, one belt, one water pump, one radiator,two ICP sensors, one oil pressure sensor. I have been very pleased with the truck and it still runs as it did years ago.
When I drive till the trans, gets warmed up good and I stop and shut it off for a few min, when I start up it goes in gear slow
I just bought this truck used with 133000 miles on, I took it to my mechanic to check it out anf found no problems with it and it had a clean carfax history. 2 weeks after i bought it the right front shock broke just making a turn at a normal intersection, the next week the ac compressor fell apart and now it is sputtering and blowing black smoke when accelorating from a stop light. I have had the truck for 6 weeks now and regret buying it
We have an '02 F250 6.0L Larient CrewCab 4x4 in Ford's Purple/Blue. She has about 44k on the odometer and do date only minor problems. The blog comments i've read on this truck are mixed though. It seems like you either got a good one or a bad one, there were no 'in between' ones.

The most common problem I have the that the silicone hose on the boost side of the turbo will blow off from time to time. Then surprise, zero power and clouds of BLACK smoke out the tailpipe. Fortunately it's an easy fix, although not very fun when the motor's hot. I think the only other issue we have is a mild 'clunk' when you accelerate from a dead stop. (rear end, tail cone, suspension...really haven't tracked it down)

Power wise, I'm relatively happy. Compared to the 7.3L it's lacking but makes up for it in the MPG dept. We have a 4" lift and 35"x12.50X16.5" BFG on her and she averages 17MPG on the road at 72MPH thanks in part to the K&N air intake and the EDGE programmer.

If I had it to do over again, I'd buy the exact same one. I'm not a FORD fan, but they got this one right (knock on wood).

not terrible but could be better built. 6.0L diesel sucks