2002 Ford F-250 Super Duty Reviews and Owner Comments

2002 Ford F-250 Super Duty owners review and rate their 2002 Ford F-250 Super Duty.

2002 Ford F-250 Super Duty (4 Reviews)
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Hello i have a 2002 power stroke F 250 what a great truck 210 ,000 still looks great except a rust issue on rear wheel wells size of 4"x 8"
I have replaced a few things alternator power steering lines and few other things but i can say it a awesome riding and durable truck i love it and want to get the rust fixed $3,000 to take outer skin off and redo , Maybe finder flairs are a option ?
Bought my 2002 F-250 4X4 V-10 new. Now has 74,000 mi many of which were driven with a full sized Slide in Camper in the bed. In all these 12 years the one and only issue I've had is when the passenger door lock would not respond to the remote door lock signal. That is all. No leaks, no spark plug blow outs or seizing - (knock on wood)as some folks are having. I previously had a 1998 F-250 light duty (F-150 with extra leaf spring)which was junk, so having this truck be so trouble free makes me think is all about luck of the draw. No regrets.
I have a 2002 F-250 super cab 5.4L gasoline V-8. I bought the truck used in 2007 with 125,000 miles on it. It was well maintained and miles were mostly highway as they pulled a fifth wheel trailer with it. I rebuilt the front end and replaced the shocks after 6 months of owning it. I put ceramic pads all four wheels which makes a huge difference in stopping. I now have 212,000 miles with original hoses
(I know) it has no transmission problems and still has plenty of power when needed. I will never own anything but a ford truck.
I have had tihs truck for 5 years now. I bought it used with 31,000 miles on it, now has 89,900. I traded my 98 silverodo HD with 8L for it and let me tell you I'll never own another GM product again that truck cost me more /month in repairs than what my payments were and pulling power was a joke slitest upgrade it would die . I have a 14,ooo lb. fifth wheel camper and the ford with the 6.8l out pulls out performs, rides better and gets about the same fuel milage between 16-16.5 pulling about 12-13. only problem with the ford I hadt to replace the exhaust manifold bolts, ball joints once and dipstick tube. other than that awsome truck would deffenatly buy another!