2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Reviews and Owner Comments

2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty owners review and rate their 2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty.

2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty (10 Reviews)
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I bough4 my super used 2006. She now has 85,000 miles on her. I haven,t had any major problems yet other than an alternator. This truck has pulled out other vehicles from the mud/snow banks. (They weren,t Fords) I plan to keep her as this is the best year for the ps 7.3 engine. I have freinds with 350,000 and higher still going down the road. I average about 1,800 miles a year with her and during the winter I will put one ton of pellets in her once a month for 7 months. It,s about 10 miles from the store to home and she handles it all with no complaints. I would never put this much weight in the back on another make of truck. Don,t trust them.
328000 miles and still as strong as ever 5.4 triton v8 .Started using a little oil around 300000,but couldn't ask for a more dependable truck.
There is no firing on the number 6 cylinder, i want to know why and what's causing it to happen? Ive changed out the coil and plugs.
Ordered mine new and waited 13 weeks for delivery. Would buy another one just like it but hoping I never have to since you can't get the 7.3L any more. 199,000 miles, third set of alternators on it, door/lock issues, door lock actuators, a few misc. modules here and there, now a instrument cluster. All in all, only been left on the side of the road once. Took a head on collision in a parked position from a Cadillac. Totaled the Cadillac, didn't even get to the radiator of the truck. If something hits this truck, might as well be hitting a tank, unless it is a bigger truck. Maybe $3,000 in repairs over the life of truck so far, will keep buying parts until the sheet metal rusts and falls to the ground.
I bought my 2000 F-250 with a V-10 gas engine in 2001 with 41,000 miles. Last month I turned 356,000. I have never had a problem with the Engine, Trans, Transfer case or differential, front or back. I have done regular oil changes, many sets of tires and AC refrigerant. I would drive it to California tomorrow.....after I change the front wheel hub bearings, making a little rumble. I haven't even had to put a belt on the engine or change the coolant, or trans fluid. I love my truck!!
I have a 2000 Super Duty and have had good service until now. I am getting oil in my radiator, and I don't know where it's coming from. If someone has had this problem, please let me know how to fix it.
very good truck only recently has it developed any problems. Truck dies when windshiled wipers are turned on delay. Have replaced the usual water pump, radiator, alternator, A/C compressor. Needs ball joints, and compass/MPG display...very happy with this truck would buy another one just like it.
I purchased this truck used in 2005. I like the truck. The problem i have is Ball Joints. The truck has only 136,000 miles and is on it's 4th set of Ball Joints. I think there might be a problem with design or, perhaps, the mechanics are doing something wrong. The only other problem has been the electical connection for the heater blower keeps coming undone.
Thinking about trading the truck in for a 2011 (or probably the 2012) F-250 Super Duty Diesel 4x4. However, I haven't had any big issues except for mileage related. Just before 195k I had to rebuild both alternators and replace the batteries. At 200k, the water pump gave out. I've been very happy with the truck and may just choose to keep it in the family.
I bought this truck new and it's a workhorse with plenty of power. I have put 66000 miles on it and considered trading. Sales at ford told me it it works keep it cause the new diesels are much less efficient than the one I own. I have the 7.3 Power stroke diesel with a 6 speed manual transmission. It misses when I start it but that clears up when the engine warms up. I am looking for the cause of this problem.