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2007 Ford F-150 owners review and rate their 2007 Ford F-150.

2007 Ford F-150 (9 Reviews)
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I owned my F-150 ever since June 2007. This truck has never gave me mechanical problems am at 240K miles do all oil changes and regular maintenance. It still runs flawless drives and handles excellent. Gets 23 mpg very comfortable not showing wear or tear yet. Did get some work repaired like needed an solenoid for tranny at 216K miles and engine needed an serpentine belt these issues after truck reached over 200,000 miles. All original CD player is weak but radio plays very well my truck still peppy when bought got serviced at dealer now since much older take to an small shop getting all service done like did at dealer. This is the best truck I have ever owned requires low maintenance did get spark plugs changed at 84,000 miles might get some more after I hit 300,000 miles because drive my truck daily. Wouldn't get rid of it no time soon as long takes care me than I take care of it being most dependable truck ever without causing me one single problem.
I have a 2007 f 150 and am not at all pleasesed with the fact that it is a 4 x 4 truck and when put into 4 x 4 drive it does not ingage. This repair will likly cost about 500.00 to fix so that I can drive my truck in 4 x 4. Not what I had Planned when paying all of those payments. Way to go Ford another find product.
I purchased my 2007 Ford F150 new and enjoyed its purchase until the past couple of years. It now has 89,000 miles on it and it is not used as a work truck but merely transportation. This past year it has proven to be a lemon by all standards and the costly repairs just keep coming. In the past three months I have spent over $2500 and am looking at another $1500 - $1800 today if I follow the Ford recommendations. At this time I cannot do the scheduled maintenance due to the constant part replacements from Ford, so I am searching for other alternatives and vendors. Was a proud Ford owner for years but will probably move to Chevrolet or maybe even foreign makes due to this horrific experience. What happened to quality, even the logos look like crap now.
I purchased my 2007 Ford F150 in December 2007. Within the first 3 months I had my radio go bad twice and have to be replaced, then my sirius antenna wnet bad and had to be replaced. By the time the radio was working my Sirius trial was finished. I fought with Ford to extend it which they eventually did. I also purchased my F150 with a spray in bedliner. For starters, the people who did the bed liner knicked the paint on my truck on the top conor near the bed. Again I had to fight with Ford to even get touchup paint. We are now less than 5 years since I purchased the truck and the bed liner has been rubbed off in or real thin in alot of areas. Keep in mind this truck is not used as a work vehicle. In the pasrt 3 months (again less than 5 year old truck) I have had my throttle control sensor and now my ERG sensor go bad, resulting in over $1,000 worth of repairs. I have been a life long Ford Owner, my last truck was a 2004 F1-50 that I drove to 245,000 miles with no real issues, but will never purchase a Ford vehicle again after the type of service and poor quality of their products.
Tough truck. Never had problem with power or anything. Looks good and drives great. Mine is a lariat sc 4x4 with 5.4 motor.
Cloth seats wear out fast. Very cheap material. Ford dealer said, Sorry jack, you bought it, it's yours.
I have a 1997 F-150 3 door with the small v-8
I also have a 2007 F-150 Standard cab with v-6

The ride in the 97 is great all day without kidney damage.
2007= kidney damage and it the steering is very twitchy

97 v8 gets 16-17mpg 07 v6 gets 15-16 smaller rougher less power and less mileage.

So why does american cars need a bail out? 10 years newer and not as comfortable or efficient as the 97
both trucks are pretty basic models automatic a/c crank windows that should still work at 200,000 miles 97 is at 180k and still riding fine.
I still like the 07 but it is not as good as the one 10 yrs older :
i call this truck my rolling gets it for sure.
Actually own a 2008 KingRanch 4x4 and I freaking love this vehicle. I dumped off my 06' dodge 4x4 diesel Laramie which was the BIGGEST waste of money. The ford is awesome and very much satisfied with the built of this truck versus competitors.