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2006 Ford F-150 (6 Reviews)
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After coming out of an Infiniti for the Ford F-150 I am miserable I never realized just how bad these trucks were. Serious electrical problems, squeaks really bad, cloth on seats stains really bad, always had issues under the hood.
I am the sole owner of my 2006 F-150 Lariet crew cab truck. I am very impressed with the truck overall. How ever the dealership that I purchased my truck from needs help. 2 years ago I asked them to check on my electronic controls as it would noy get heat. They simply pushed the buttons on and off until it worked. Shortly after, I lost control of my seat,power pedal and mirrors. Now I read there is recall on the body control module ( it could short out and start a fire) , why weren't they aware of this and why wasn't I notified of the issue? I will bet it will be at 500.00 for them to look at and this is after it should have been fixed correct the first time ...
Recently, in December of 2013, my spark plug blew out of the number three cylinder. I had a mechanic use a thread chaser to sharpen the threads, re-install the plug, and a new coil. The plug blew out again last week. This time he is goint to re-bore and re-thread the hole and put an insert in it. I will pick it up tomorrow after allowing the high temp.thread sealer to cure. This is a common problem with the Triton engines. Why hasn't Ford been made to fix the problem by installing a new head?

Peter G.
Derry, NH
I have 100,000 miles now and have not done one thing to it. The ford is much more solid, less rust prone, and more reliable. The cloth interior is crappy however, i have tears all over the driver seat. I have the 5.4 liter which is a very reliable boat anchor that gets 14 miles to the gallon. I have owned lots of different brand trucks in my business and must say that all my fords, except my 6.0 liter have been dead reliable. I cannot say that for my freightliner, dodge,mitsu-fuso, and gmc. I have 3 f-150s, 1 f-250, 1 f-550(junk), and one f-700.
I bought my F-150 4x4 V8 step side about six months ago with 38,000 miles got great deal on it. run great, lots of power. So far it been a great truck.
XLT Supercab model bought new. OEM tires, Hancook, were HORRIBLE! Had to replace them @ 5,000 miles! Dealership was great resolving that issue! Other than that - VERY pleased with truck. Had a Ranger Supercab before this purchase. My wife even loves driving this truck. It has the 5.4 liter and a 35? gal gas tank - only way to go. Get the spray in bed liner, Line-X - indestructible!